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Scientology's relationship with mainstream religions is exceptionally Perplexing

While Scientology asserts that it is completely good with all current significant world religions and that it doesn't struggle with them or their religious practices there are real contrasts in convictions and practices amongst Scientology and most of religions particularly the major monotheistic religions Individuals are not permitted to take part in other comparable mental treatments or techniques weather it is religious or otherwise However a few individuals from different places of worship have embraced some Scientology common programs Steve Bruce 1998 Scientology is a solid supporter of the interfaith approach on issues imperative to all religions Scientologists will function with spokesman of numerous religions to help and energise inter religious discourse religious opportunity established law and regard for religion in the public eye This indicates how scientology as a new religious movement is trying to reach out to the mainstream religion to get to know each other Scientology et al 2018 The congregation of Scientology has been the subject of debate since its beginning Its techniques and convictions have pulled in the consideration of researchers from around the globe The congregation has been under government examination and has persevered through an incalculable measure of claims Reitman 14 A large portion of the world's religions express some perspective of the making of the world Some religious customs for example Hindu and Buddhist see the universe as basically interminable without there starting or end The principal books of the Bible contain a record of the formation of the universe which some 

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Mental illnesses are disorders of brain Function

Mental illnesses are disorders of brain function They have many causes and result from complex interactions between a person's genes and their environment A mental illness makes daily tasks difficult such as work school and socializing with other people Having a mental illness is not a choice or moral failing 1 in 5 young people suffer from a mental illness But the impact is more than in statistics it s in feelings and emotions Having a mental disorder should not be any different than experiencing a physical illness However it is treated with much negativity in the eyes of the public It is very easily misunderstood and that could possibly be the reason people choose not to learn about it Malingering Faking It One of the reasons that mental health isn t taken as seriously is the common case of malingering or faking it Malingering is defined as the intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological symptoms for some kind of desired external result It s not considered a mental disorder but a condition that may be a focus of clinical attention Some of the clues that indicate malingering are Calling attention to their illnesses

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