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Perfect customer dealing is a way to a privileged Business

Online orders sales and purchase are a part of our routine These are practiced daily weekly or on monthly basis We all are well aware of sale purchase rules But what if the item you have purchased is expired or the grocery you have paid for is rotten already What will you do then You will surely go the shop or store from where you have purchased all the stuff In case of online shopping there are two options either you have to keep the things or you can file complaints Complain cases are rarely entertained in online shopping systems However when it comes to dealings between brands and big empires the customer complaints are handled with care As the purpose is to maintain the goodwill of the organization Either you deal with individual customers or you deal B2B maintaining goodwill is the first priority Coming to the point the product sold by your company is defective then you will receive complaints from the customer Point is deal with such complains through documentation or letters Letters written to deal with complaints are called adjustment letters You must wonder what adjustment letters are Officially The statements communications done by the company to the complaining customer is known as adjustment letter

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