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A Universal Definition of Old Age

Introduction An universal definition of old age is elusive According to Gorman 5 in many developing countries old age is seen to begin at the point when active contribution is no longer possible It is true that elder peoples become senile and lose their ability in physically and mentally Although some individuals may develop illness but Roos 6 shows that it is possible for elder persons to maintain a high degree of physical and intellectual activity into their very late years Aging is one of the embryonic problems in Bangladesh and this has been gradually increasing with its far reaching consequences According to BBS 2001 7 only 6 13 percent is elder 60 in Banglsdesh The most alarming situation is this number will reach 14 6 million about 9 percent of the total population by the year 2025 Concepcion 1987 East West Center 2002 8 9 But according to Abedin 1996 10 the aging in SAARC Countries does not appear to be alarming till to day percentages of the elderly which vary between 5 6 percent Living arrangements are an important component of the overall well being of the elderly In the absence of well developed systems for providing social services to the elderly the elderly must rely on those with whom they live in close proximity for economic social and physical support as their economic productivity and health declining Domingo and Casterline 1992 11 In Thailand there is a widespread expectation that the elderly will be taken care of by their children and that at least one child will co reside with them Cowgill 1972 Knodel Havanon and Pramualratana 1984 Pramualratna 1990 Tuchrello 1989 12 13 14 15 It was found that survival of elderly is increased if they live with a spouse or sons and daughters Mostafa and Ginneken 2000 16 Murray et al 1992 17 observed that the ratio of self perceived morbidity varies by disease and across communities

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Give your baby a smoke Free Start

Give your baby a smoke free start to life We know that it can be difficult to stop smoking However we additionally realize that you need to give your infant an ideal begin throughout everyday life The dangers of smoking amid pregnancy are not kidding from unexpected labour to expanded danger of premature delivery stillbirth or sudden baby demise Stopping smoking is extraordinary compared to other things you and your accomplice can do to enable your child to grow soundly amid pregnancy and past Regardless of what arrange you re at in your pregnancy it's never past the point where it is possible to quit smoking It can be troublesome however smoking is substantially more destructive to your infant than any anxiety stopping may bring When you smoke you take in more than 4 000 chemicals from the cigarette The smoke goes from your lungs into your circulation system That blood streams to your placenta and umbilical line directly into your infant s minor body This makes your infant battle for oxygen At in the first place not smoking might be new and energizing It s the best kind of progress Individuals will praise you You have a privilege to be glad so appreciate it Be that as it may at that point what How would you stay sans smoke when life backpedals to typical Plan ahead to battle enticement Know about signs that caution of a slip Smoking amid pregnancy can bring about lower birth weight and in addition distortions in the infant Smoking almost copies the danger of low birthweight babies In 2004 11 9 of children destined to smokers had low birthweight when contrasted with just 7 2 of infants destined to non smokers All the more particularly new born children destined to smokers weigh by and large 200 grams not as much as babies destined to ladies who don t smoke Benefits of a Smoke Free Pregnancy Smoking is known to have an effect on the baby before it is born

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