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College Application I used to think I was very funny In my own convoluted way I thought I could make a good comedian even host a show One particular time when I was growing up I remember being asked a question by teacher Catherine and repeating the same question to her much to her chagrin yet the class laughed their hearts off I almost got a nickname from the incidence This was back when I was still young still at grammar school before joining the junior high school to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Since then I have learned that I am actually not funny and if by chance I get people laughing it is just so chance Growing to a point where I can freely speak of the condition and my lack of humor has not been a walk in the park but it is the greatest success story I have lived so far The doctor who broached the subject was nice but the jargon she used flew by me but the faces of my parents were not too hard to read

Being told I am sick while I felt okay did not make sense I have since weathered that storm embraced the situation and learned to live each day on its own This did not come without its cost though as there was a notable dip in my grades not because of the learning difficulty that is associated with the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder but because I was demoralized It was sickening when all my family members friends teachers and even classmates started to treat me as an ill person I was being assigned the easier tasks while my peers got the more engaging tasks and this had a huge effect on my self confidence and it also affected how I interacted with added to the distractions that come by being in a class environment

My friends withdrew the very emotional support that is crucial for any growing teenager and it was not easy to attend any social event I was being congratulated for waking up in the morning or for sleeping for six straight hours or even for not interrupting someone in their speech All of the above does not excuse my low GPA but I am totally convinced that it does not reflect my actual abilities I am no Albert Einstein but I do not believe that having ADHD makes my intelligent quotient lower than that of an average human being Cherney n p It is prudent I say that since settled psychologically I have noted some improvement in my performance albeit small This is a trend that I want to continue in my senior year and in college once admitted My therapist sessions have yielded fruit too She has helped me to keep my thoughts in check that way I am able to keep off from unnecessary arguments and it has helped me become a better listener Focusing on the more important issues helps me keep the strong impulses at bay My parents have been quite helpful in this I congratulate myself that now I have successfully been able to faithfully follow my daily planner for six months and this is a clear sign that I can not only survive the demanding college environment but thrive in it Time management is not a challenge anymore I realized that motivation can only be intrinsic and in each task I undertake I have found it greatly inspiring to reward myself for successfully completing the particular task It is no longer hard for me to accomplish any assignment no matter how long it is as I have learned to simplify every activity by breaking it into smaller units

As you may already know social interaction is a challenge that any ADHD individual battles with Porter and Krans n p but I count myself privileged to have maintained and even added to my circle of friends over the past one year I try to accomplish everything I set my mind on to the fullest and if I enjoy it I perfect it Stigma and ridicule come with the ADHD package Porter and Krans n p but I have learned to rise above both of them and overcome by perseverance and determination There are many prominent people who have succeeded in life with this condition because they never let it put them down I desire to be one of them I do not believe one s course of life should be defined solely by a burden they did not ask for I was overjoyed when my therapist said that now I am ready to live independently and recommended the college to be the place where all my potential can be unleashed My college application springs from a point where I believe that given this opportunity I will give it all my best to perform just as good as any other college student I know I am capable but most of all I have the mind and the spirit for this Works Cited Cherney Kristeen IQ and ADHD A Look into how High Intelligence Can Make ADHD Worse Healthline N p 2017 Web 10 Jan 2018 Porter Eloise and Brian Krans Parenting Tips for ADHD Do s and Don ts Healthline N p 2017 Web 10 Jan 2018

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