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Regression Analysis to see the Relationship Between the Variables

The research uses regression analysis to see the relationship between the variables that would be conducted in Stata application ROA and ROE measure profitability of the Indonesian property companies Those two profitability measurements are affected by firm s size and capital structure Firm s size is measured by natural log of sales and natural log of assets Meanwhile capital structure is measured by debt to equity ratio After evaluating the relationship between profitability capital structure and firm s size ROA and ROE will be regressed by debt and equity that are used by property companies in each respective year to find the best finance resources among two choices for Indonesian property and real estate companies Therefore the analysis will be divided into 2 parts to clearly distinguish the purpose of the analysis First part analyzes about the relationship between independent variables on dependent variable firm s size and capital structure are regressed on profitability However there will be 2 measurement for firm s size and 2 measurements also for profitability which will be resulted in 4 regressions to be analyzed

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The Ubiquity of Blood in The Tragedy of Macbeth Blood

Treachery Ambition and Guilt The Ubiquity of Blood in The Tragedy of Macbeth Blood is necessary for the sustenance of life it perfuses every cell in our body yet the spilling of blood is associated with demise In William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth Shakespeare employs blood as a conduit to signify the act of treachery characteristic of ambition and the emotion of guilt Treachery is connected with the motif of blood Macbeth betrays the crown and commits regicide Macbeth is determined to achieve his ultimate goal to become King and will yield at nothing in order to attain success His ambition however overrides common sense resulting in grave and gruesome repercussions In the play it is pellucid that guilt consumes characters consciences Shakespeare s ingenious employment of blood expands its significance to represent a myriad of themes including treachery ambition and guilt A treacherous mood is induced at the beginning of the play through bloodshed Macbeth encounters the three witches whose eccentricity accompanies their eeriness They are considered to be servers of fate who reveal Macbeth s abstruse future that he will become King Shakespeare makes it clear that King Duncan may be too trustworthy of Macbeth for he over values his courage and loyalty However the witches prophesies ignite deleterious intentions in Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to commit regicide against King Duncan Lady Macbeth sets this nefarious plan in motion asking the spirits to make thick my blood 1 5 47

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