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Zubaida Apa was conceived in Hyderabad Deccan British India

Zubaida Tariq A Legendary Force DUBAI Growing up as a young lady in the Pakistani society you needed to know your totkay and your pakoray What do you do on the o chance that you can t add wine to the sauce What's the substitute for mascarpone cheddar How to accomplish that impeccable porcelain skin How would you make the ideal gol roti to awe your in laws Stress not Mrs Zubaida Tariq or Zubaida Apa as everybody recollected her had the appropriate response Before we go further into passionate points of interest Here s additional about the lady that engraved her quality in brains and hearts for ages to come Zubaida Apa was conceived in Hyderabad Deccan British India Her family moved to Pakistan in 1947 and settled in Karachi PIB Colony where she lived with her 5ve more established sisters and four siblings In 1951 she lost her granddad and afterward her dad in 1953 After the downfall of her dad three of her sisters assumed control over every one of the obligations of running the family unit At 21 years old Apa got hitched to her 5rst cousin 

Tariq Maqsood Post her marriage in 1966 she lived on Jamshed Road and had two children a little girl named Shaha Tariq and a child Hussain Tariq Zubaida Apa was naturally introduced to a conspicuous Urdu talking family known for creating littérateurs scholarly people and craftsmen Her maternal granduncle was Bahadur Yar Jung a Muslim patriot of the Indian subcontinent The most eminent of her kin incorporate Fatima Surayya Bajia an Urdu author and dramatist Zehra Nigah an Urdu artist and Anwar Maqsood who is a well known artist humorist essayist and performer

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