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Does technology shape or break us as a society

Does technology shape or break us as a society Technology has reshaped our society throughout history and is continuing to do so till this day in every aspect to make life more convenient for us Technology has advanced all sectors whether it be medicine education entertainment or the standards of living Technology has increased our ability to learn achieve and succeed It has given both the educated and illiterate equal opportunities to use their maximum potential Technology has boosted many industries allowing businesses to grow creating more employment opportunities Advancements in technology have led to the evolution of newer and faster ways of transport and communication However rapid evolution of digital technologies is not only creating new opportunities for our society but challenges for us as well As our dependency on technology increases the physical need for humans and books slowly decreases Most public schools have adapted to this change and have begun to incorporate technology in their learning system From elementary to high school teachers assign work to students through applications such as Pupilpath Remind A Z learning etc In fact some schools have also replaced composition books with tablets As students depend more and more on google the less likely they are to actually utilize their skills Tablets have made it easier for students to search up answers of their work While that might sound appealing to students it s actually a huge disadvantage for them This leads to the lack of many areas such as their writing skills social skills social bonds and attention span However as long as it s used in moderation technology can have a greater positive impact than negative

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