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The field of medical radiation is one of the fast growing healthcare Sectors

Question 1 The field of medical radiation is one of the fast growing healthcare sectors in the world today Medical radiation involves the use of a series of energy waves to diagnose and treat different medical conditions Adler Carlton 2013 This technology uses two different types of energy rays x rays and gamma rays Various radioactive substances and nuclear reactions can produce compelling energy Medical practitioners use a controlled amount of these radiations to treat multiple medical conditions such as cancer There are three different types of radiations The low energy radiations come in shape of radio and microwaves These waves are used in home appliances such heaters and oven The medium energy radiation is visible through the use of light Lastly high energy radiations active forms of energy which can cause harm to our bodies They include ultraviolet rays x rays and gamma rays X rays and Gamma rays are the most forms of energy used in hospitals to diagnose and treat illnesses X rays are commonly used to provide pictures of different body parts a doctor examines It helps in analyzing the affected areas and assists the doctor in treating the condition Gamma rays result from radioactive decay of a radioisotope During medical radiation using gamma rays a radioactive liquid is injected into the body and a doctor monitors how it spreads 

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