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Abstract The Data Mining techniques for the detection of Financial Fraud The Data Mining techniques in the area of Fraud Detection was examined and categorized into four categories of financial fraud securities and commodity fraud insurance fraud bank fraud and other financial fraud and six classes of data mining techniques in the field of financial fraud regression classification clustering outlier detection prediction and visualization The Data Mining approach have been applied wide ranging to the detection of credit card fraud although insurance fraud and corporate fraud have also attracted a skillful trade of attention in recent years In difference we find a distinct lack of research on money laundering securities and commodities fraud and mortgage fraud The major data mining techniques used for FFD are neural networks logistic models decision trees and the Bayesian belief network all of which them provide key solutions to the problems inherited in the detection and in the classification of fraudulent data Introduction The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ACFE defined fraud as The use of one's profession for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or application of the employing organization s resources or assets In the technological systems fraudulent activities have occurred in many areas of daily life such as mobile communications telecommunication networks 

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Globalization refers to the fast integration of different Countries

Globalization refers to the fast integration of different countries which shapes all the world affairs on a global level It has affected the products that people consume the environment culture security and this acceleration in globalization can be attributed to an increase in free trade activities emerging technologies or the worldwide acceptance of markets This essay will describe some of the most visible and important advantages and disadvantages of globalization Globalization has affected cultures and economies on matters dealing with environmental destruction and availability of the already limited resources It has had diverse implications for environmental issues such as pollution deforestation water resources climate change and biodiversity loss The environmental problems have become the subject of international efforts because the effects are felt globally The negative impacts of globalization are mainly focus on the destruction of the environment but on the other hand there are positive impacts such as researches into technology that is eco friendly 

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