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Discuss the importance of managerial ethics in the Workplace

CHAPTER 1 ASSIGNMENT I Multiple choice 1 D 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 A 6 A 7 C 8 A 9 B 10 B 11 C 12 A 13 B 14 C 15 C II Short Response 16 Discuss the importance of managerial ethics in the workplace It is inevitable that managerial ethics is crucial in an organization as well as a company This kind of conducts could be considered as a moral compass to guide the leader or the manager through many complex dilemmas During time of fundamental change this is even more vital that managers should respect and treat their subordinates as mature responsible human beings Lack of managerial ethics will lead to disorder and dissatisfaction in the workplace which will also cause lost of productivity and bring short term success only On the other hand a manager following management ethics will foster company s productivity bring good public image in the workplace and enhance accountability and transparency when making business decisions 17 Explain how accountability operates in the relationship between a A manager and her subordinates b The same manager and her boss The manager s subordinates have the responsibility to answer and report to her for their individual performance Conversely the manager is accountable to her boss for her work s result and output She must also answer and report to her boss 18 Explain how the glass ceiling effect may disadvantage newly hired African American college graduates in a large corporation Every companies and organizations have a hierarchical system which means any individuals must have the responsibility to answer and follow their bosses However step by step any individuals can obtain a higher position by proving their skills and abilities 

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Islam and Christianity both emerged at around the same Time

Islam and Christianity both emerged at around the same time although in different regions Both religions had constantly changing sources of influence and their views of merchants depended on how much influence those sources had at that time Islam had a positive attitude towards merchants because they greatly depended on trade and were constantly involved in it Christianity on the other hand had a bad attitude towards merchants because that was what the Bible a book with great influence taught The Muslims may have been generally accepting of trade because Muhammad himself had been a merchant Christians may have been against the accumulation of wealth because Jesus was poor The Bible also taught that cheating was bad and lowered your chances of eternal life and merchants often cheated people for higher prices As Christianity grew their attitude towards merchants became more positive as they began to understand the impact they had on the economy and how dangerous trading was Islamic views on merchants also became more negative as power shifted 

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Saturday Afternoon by Erskine Caldwell

Saturday Afternoon by Erskine Caldwell is a short story that conveys just how regular racism and violence had become in a small southern town during the early 20th century In the short story the author Erskine Caldwell incorporates indirect characterization and a passive tone These elements fused together to allow the reader to experience just how ordinary violence was at this time The characters that Caldwell creates for the story are pertinent to the story s setting and time Readers can obtain a more in depth assimilation of each character reflective upon their actions and mannerisms Throughout the piece Tom Denny s inner characterization is built through his attitudes motives and actions In Tom s everyday life he comes across as rather careless As the town s butcher he sleeps on the meat and produce he sells to his neighbors The tobacco juice splattered on the floor midway between the meat block and cigar box What little of it dripped on the piece of rump steak did not matter most people cleaned their meat before they cooked and ate it Like other civilians Tom was a white male in the working class whom despite his exhaustion wanted to please everybody Caldwell does a fine job of painting a normal day in the life of Tom Denny All the town people who had wanted some of Tom s meat for Saturday dinner had already got what they needed and it was too early in the day to buy Sunday meat 

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