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Clinical Question Communication between nurses comprises the transfer of essential information which can be vital to the patient's recovery Furthermore Handover responsibility of patient is essential to secure continuity of care treatment and patient s safety Kohn 2009 For this reason an effective communication between health care providers is an integral component on patient s recovery during the postoperative period that will improve patient s outcomes and enhance health care delivery Ineffective communication during postoperative among nurses become a problem as it contribute to breaches in patient s care Turning into a significant problem leading to a fragmentation on care plan increasing the risk of medical errors poor quality care and contributing to other adverse outcomes during the postoperative period such as wrong patient wrong medication administration and patient deaths due to misinformation and poor care coordination IOM 2009 In the hope to support safety to guarantee good patient centered care improve nurse communication and reduce medical errors during the provision of treatment at postoperative the implementation of standardized approach to handoff communication JCAHO 2006 was created and included as part of patient safety goal 

A good Handoff communication as a part of practicing nurse should be performed at bedside to promotes communication and should convey essential patient health information to meet therapeutic goals and assure patient s safety during postoperative Different organizations provide statistics about the impact of communication on patient safety during the postoperative handover As indicated on research done on 2005 by Joint Commission 70 of sentinel events were initiated by a failure on communication where more than half happened during change of shift between nurses JCAHO 2006 Similarly The Institute of Medicine on its report from 2009 estimated that between 44 000 and 98 000 patients die yearly because of medical errors triggered by a missed communication among health care Providers Kohn 2009 Research studies using a mixed methods applying a qualitative and quantitative approach have been providing knowledge that can be applied to the practice of nursing PICO T questions facilitate the analysis and interpretation of bedside Handoffs communications related to its impact on patient s at postoperative unit Population Patient in the postoperative recovery unit Intervention Decrease patient time on postoperative unit decreasing risk of complication and improving patient outcomes Comparison Patient on postoperative unit handover by telephone call Outcome Promote a better continuity of care decreasing length of hospitalization Time Admission to Hospital Discharge 

The purpose of this paper is to display how communication between nurses can compromise patient s recuperation How the care of patients on post operative unit can improve and assure better continuity of care when the handoff communication is done face to face at bedside versus when the handoff is skipped or done through a telephone call Level of Evidence Houser 2018 claimed that in nursing practice is very important the use of cause and effect scientific study as part of evidence based practice This research project employed a therapy question with a quantitative approach to answer how nursing actions can influence patient outcome during the postoperative recuperation The quantitative approach question helped to produce a statistical analysis to show that the sentinel events were linked to miscommunication among nurse during postoperative handover The best evidence to answer the question is obtain from the study report of a reduction on information omission from 9 to 3 per hand over reducing patient time on postoperative unit Nagpal 2013 In the same way the qualitative approach involving nurses interviews overlap with previous results In this case nurse perception about the importance of bedside handoff showed an improvement teamwork and nurse satisfaction score improved to 4 Nagpal 2013 Search Strategy

The search strategy for this project begun with the identification of major concepts linked to the clinical question First general database utilized were Google Scholar and Chamberlain Library where basic search terms related to search topic were input along with Boolean operators to narrow the search Post Operative recuperation and handoff AND Post operative care bedside Handover Handoff at post operative unit AND Patient safety bedside handoff Then process moved from broad to a more narrowed research limiting sources to those supported by reputable providers such as ERIC Educational Resources Information National Guidelines clearinghouse AHRQ and professional journals focus on nursing research and evidence based In the process of refining the research results filtering tools were applied to find only information relevant to handoffs at postoperative care The results were limited to specific dates recent data research with specific evidence and able to demonstrates data results Therefore only Information obtained by scholarly journals databases CINAHL and PubMed were selected Finally the two most relevant and helpful articles to contribute to team project were selected

 The first article Team Communication during Patient Handover in the postoperative care unit Tanja 2013 was used This article utilizes a prospective observational field and presents the results using statistical data In like manner Nagpal 2013 Improving postoperative handover convey qualitative and quantitative data to portray and prove the information presented on the article Both Articles exposed how effective the use of mixed methods involving elements of quantitative and qualitative research can be Indeed both Articles provide effective guidelines for the group project because they portray the fluid and dynamic process that carry a research process Conclusion A good search strategy should be done in a systematic way with the objective of be able to track down sources find enough information data and evidence to bearing on the research topic A good research project should be impartial should have the capacity to evidence the truth and the effect impact of handoffs communication on a postoperative unit as part of evidence practice Therefore it is important to gather and select quality and appropriate information from reputable database that provides accurate information about handoffs communication on a postoperative unit to be able to evaluate the topic as a part of practicing nurse

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