Essay Examples on Communication Technology

The Effects of Social Media Addiction on People.

The Effects of Social Media Addiction on People. Orhun Tirben Çankaya University. Abstract. Technological advancements have altogether changed the way we live and have turned into an indistinguishable some portion of our lives. Many individuals particularly the young utilize these advancements every day and for different purposes. Individuals utilize PCs to contemplate, to scan for data on the web, to play video games and to speak with others. This study will show how technology affects people. It will show three different perspectives of social media addiction. In order to collect information interaction analysis will be used. The goal will be finding the reasons for social media addiction and how to decrease it. These days addiction does not just allude to medication or substance mishandles, in any case, it likewise alludes to betting web recreations or even cell phones.

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How the next generation of Mobile Communication after LTE will look like?

There is extensive research going on in the literature in the last few years to define how the next generation of mobile communication after LTE, LTE A will look like. It is expected to be a paradigm shift with revolutionary new design, especially in the radio interface. Taking a quick look at the previous generations starting from the first one we can see that in each new generation there was a killer application or service. The first generation of mobile communication was used around 1985 and it was an analog system with limited capacity serving voice calls only. The killer application of the second generation was moving from analog to digital and introducing of short message service SMS and texting. Later the third generation was introduced around 2001 bringing the internet for the first time to a mobile system as an inherent service in the system, design not as an added one like in the second generation with a service call GPRS and later EDGE service which represents 2 5 generations. What all these generations have in common is that basically the technology framework had been defined and then the industry and the market tried to find killer applications for it. In the fourth generation, this has been changed.

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Antenna Alignment Systems Analysis of Modern Day Implementations

IEEE Department of Electrical Engineering Army. Public College of Management Sciences. Abstract. This paper highlights the various implementation and uses of aligning antennas. It also put emphasis on the modern-day applications and how aligning antennas can be used in a broad spectrum for achieving different goals. It illustrates the basic ideology of two different ways alignment can be useful. Furthermore, an in-depth analysis covers different alignment scenarios and techniques the results achieved by them and how influential the results can be on modern society. The goal of this overview is to get a better understanding of why do we need to align antennas and why this field should be explored further. Index Terms Azimuth LabView Line of Sight Microwave Receiver Transmitter Ultra Wide Band I. Introduction. This document gives a comparative analysis of two different applications of antenna alignment and aims at providing a detailed overview to both implementations.
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