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AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY SYSTEM Conceptual Definition Conceptual definition tells you what the concept means it tells you what your constructs are by explaining how they are related to other constructs This explanation and all of the constructs it refers to are abstract This is the process by which we specify what we mean when we use particular terms in studies It is also described as the mental step that unclear and imprecise notions are made more direct Babbie 2011 Operational Definition Operational Definition is a definition of how one will operate with a concept in a given study So what does one mean when they say operate well it means how one will either measure it or how one will manipulate it control it or randomize it It is considered to be one level beyond conceptualization Babbie 2011 Conceptualizing the Variable RACE Race is often defined as Non Hispanic White Hispanic American Indian Alaska Native Asian American Pacific Islander African American Black American Indian and Alaskan Native Asian and Native Hawaiian etc Cassidy Grieco 2001 The term race is often viewed by others as a social construct rather than biologic or genetic Some view it as what one looks like in a physical feature or see race as a cultural difference Race is a human Construct Race is a made of categorization that s based on physical appearances

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The two surges of writing talk minimal about the progression on ideal Synthesis

While the last has consolidated money related contacts from the risk side of the organizations it doesn't demonstrate the liquidity choices on the left hand side The two surges of writing talk minimal about the progression on ideal synthesis of fluid versus illiquid resources under vulnerability stuns and how flow of such piece input to the genuine side like corporate speculation In the crossing point of these two writing a few papers research how money possessions and other financing exercises are influenced by vulnerability stuns For instance Gao and Grinstein 2014 find that money possessions are influenced by deliberate vulnerability stuns however not particular vulnerability stuns Chen Wang and Zhou 2014 investigate the impacts of vulnerability on money property and capital structure My paper contrasts from them in that this paper gives a hypothetical structure to firm practices under powerful vulnerabilities stressing the genuine alternative impacts because of irreversibilities and vulnerability stuns In addition I research the joint progression of issuance and payout For reasons unknown the partition of the two financing choices has vital ramifications

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