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The use of italics suggest this is a stage direction which formally has a direct impact on the audience as the scene is pure violence which completely contrasts the Byron that talked himself out of violent situations before Complete silence shows the audience the true nature of violence Brutal and Bloody The stage directions suggest the audience can hear and sense an awful beating taking place which means the form of the play is relying on the speakers and setting to create an atmosphere of violence rather then the brutal imagery that the audience was presented with in A Clockwork Orange Martin McDonagh presents a brutal description of violence in his play The PillowMan McDonagh uses violence to disrupt the spell of story telling By doing this the author can resist the authority imposed on him and break his own social constraints as the critic continues to argue that it was a display of violence that would stay in my memory for years

McDonagh presents violence vividly to the audience in the opening act with the story of The three gibbet crossroads This story describes three men rotting in iron gibbets for committing crimes of murder and rape The story develops to the highway man raises his gun and shoots him through the heart killing the unknown man who committed the unknown crime This opening demonstration of violence allows McDonagh to introduce the audience to the twisted and sadistic tales that are to come throughout the play before it draws its conclusion Similarly to the opening presentation of the brute Ariel the image of violence presented to the audience is completely verbal as Ariel asks how much are you going to make us fuck you up This allows McDonagh to almost condone the idea of violence to his audience as it is completely verbal rather then visual similarly to the violence in Katurian s books Then the presentation of violence develops to become more and more visual in the play and it is revealed that the crime taking place in the books also develops into real life McDonagh therefore establishes a structural trend of violence throughout the play Violence is a theme that is present across the Anthony Burgess novel and Butterworth and McDonagh's plays although it is not always directly confronted The protagonists use violence as a way to resist the rules and regulations that authority imposes although it is not to confront the regulations or fight for a fairer world Violence is presented as violence for violence sake and the protagonists give in to their sadistic nature as a result of the dysfunctional authority that holds control over them Society is a key theme which is present throughout

A Clockwork Orange Jerusalem and Philip Larkin s poetry and presents a possible cause or environment that allows the protagonists to resist authority In secularizing these views of man we tend to forget about sin and concentrate on what is good for society and what is not In A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess presents the reader with the twisted and dysfunctional society that Alex and his three droogs live in This is epitomized in the Korova Milkbar Alex narrates the Korova Milkbar to be the place where teenagers go to get milk plus something else which is always being prodding some new veshches to give Alex and his droogs a nice quiet Horrorshow This instant introduction to the Nadsat leaves the reader feeling confused and alienated which immediately isolates the teenagers from the readers and other characters in the book The Nadsat and the Korova Milkbar combine to present a very twisted dystopian version of society where having drugs in Milk is common Moreover the Korova Milkbar conveys the ability of this twisted society to corrupt the innocent and pure as the mothers milk which is a symbol of purity innocence and youth has been contaminated by the drugs that have infested it Furthermore Alex s reference to getting introduced to old Bog as a way of describing what happens when the drugs in the milk take effect show the way in which the society has bastardised the Christian religion

Using God to describe a drug experience clearly demonstrates to the reader Alexis and the society's ability to neglect the Christian religion potentially creating a link to the rejection of all religious and moral principles Creating a society of Nihilists In Jerusalem Butterworth presents the theme of society from completely opposing characters The Flintock Fair has been appropriated by the ruling powers The new estate want to build a better society by vanquishing Johnny Byron and his drug kingdom even if it means directly impeding his rights Butterworth presents his audience with characters who in some way seem to drift towards madness on May Day We are presented with images of pub owners buying whizz and proffeseurs on acid which all seem to stem from the protagonist

Johnny Byron Butterworth conveys the image of a roughead army of unwashed unstable unhinged friendless penniless baffled berserkers when describing these English people to the audience The England Butterworth presents to us is of those who are going to be dancing with his shirt round his head in a narcotic frenzy believing that if they are all killed today at least we ll show up in heaven pissed Butterworth describes these twisted and in some ways slightly psychotic characters in a playful and fun way which distorts the audiences actual view of the crimes these characters are committing and how fucked up it all actually is Moreover Butterworth presents to us these outcasts who are lead by Jonny Byron who is fighting back against the new estate as they claim to with the flora and fauna of this enchanted isle Butterworth presents it as though the entire drug taking and partying is for a good cause

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