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People do not give attention to their meals

In recent years it has come to scientists attention that people do not give attention to their meals as much in Western society In the United States people live to work and with the progression of technology people's eating patterns have significantly changed Due to demanding work schedules and limited time for lunch breaks people depend on fast food so that they can multitask and eat while they work Previous research conducted by R C van der Wal and L F van Dillen 2013 explored how performing concurrent activities affects taste perception and how it relates to actual consumption van der Wal and van Dillen s research found that under high task load participants rated the substances as less intense consumed more of the substances and preferred stronger tastants Their findings suggest that an increased task load reduces taste perception by limiting a person's attention and therefore capacity to assess taste intensity Paying more attention to one task may reduce the attention a person pays while tasting a substance 

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