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The United States should ban the death Penalty

The United States should ban the death penalty nationwide because it is a cruel punishment Imagine sitting on a table getting ready to be executed they say it will be painless but who knows if the person injecting the drugs gives you the right dose to knock you out cold Without the right amount of anesthesia the person being executed would experience asphyxiation a severe burning sensation massive muscle cramping and cardiac arrest Source 1 The death penalty is not a fair punishment No matter the offense that the inmate committed they should not be put to death for it The death penalty violates the Cruel and Unusual Punishment clause of the 8th Amendment In the US there are 31 states that allow the death penalty as a punishment for crimes Of those 31 16 states allow alternatives to lethal injections such as hanging a firing squad electric chair and gas chamber Source 3 These methods of execution are all horrible ways to die and if done poorly make the pain even more excruciating than it already is When you hang the fall is supposed to break your neck and your spinal cord The cruel part about hanging is If the rope is too long the inmate could be decapitated and if it is too short the strangulation could take up to 45 minutes Source 4 

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