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A Title Is the height of the grass in my backyard normally Distributed

Criterion A Title Is the height of the grass in my backyard normally distributed A staple of suburban neighborhoods is the distant sound of lawnmowers humming and the lingering scent of fresh cut grass I was weeding in my backyard when I spotted a patch of long grass that look as though it hadn't been mowed in quite some time I wondered how tall untrimmed grass could really grow to and if there was a normal distribution among the heights of the blades as it is an uncommon spectacle in most suburban neighborhoods The main purpose of this investigation is to determine whether the heights of the blades of uncut grass in my backyard are normally distributed I will do so by collecting 125 blades of uncut grass from a patch of my backyard and measuring their heights in centimeters Next I will create a table of just the heights of the grass to the nearest millimeter With this data I will create a grouped frequency table displaying their heights in intervals of 1 centimeter Then I will make a histogram graph to look for a bell shaped pattern that would indicate normal distribution After making a histogram I will calculate the mean height and standard deviation of the data I will compare these measurements to those of a normally distributed graph

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Research Proposal ANALYSIS OF THE STABILITY ENHANCEMENT OF SOLDIER PILE RETAINING WALL, Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering UNIVERSITY OF MORATUWA SRI LANKA Table of Contents Table of Contents i Introduction 1 Problem Statement 1 Significance of the research 2 Scope of the study 2 Aims and Objectives of the research 2 Proposed Methodology 3 Work plan 3 References 4 CE4902A01_140053C I Introduction At present in urban areas the necessity of basement is increasing due to the scarcity of lands Therefore to optimize the use of land areas the depth of excavation is increased because of the increased number of basements Deep excavations are constructed near to surrounding buildings and services in urban areas due to limitation of spaces Thus the design of safe and economical retaining structure plays a very significant role in the design of deep excavation The measures considered for the selection of type of earth retaining wall are size of excavation ground conditions ground water level vertical and horizontal displacements of adjacent ground and limitations of various structures availability of construction cost speed of work and water tightness of wall Considering the above factors soldier pile retaining wall with timber lagging is the broadly used earth retaining structures mainly for stiff soil conditions where the penetration of ground water into the excavated area is not a problem

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