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Call Me Beep Me If You Wanna Reach Me

Call Me Beep Me If You Wanna Reach Me In today's society technology controls our every movement A platform for activism social media manages to bring back the power to the people with a simple tweet instagram post or even a one word hashtag Online networking is an appealing form of expression considering the exchanges are disembodied We don't have to face whomever we re lashing out at Bruni 1 However in Neil Gaiman s Why our future depends on libraries reading and daydreaming and Frank Bruni s For 2014 Tweet Less Read More the authors discuss the importance of reading as a prompt for empathy Bruni 2 Using repetition direct speak analogies and personal anecdotes Gaiman and Bruni argue for the creation of a more deliberate and well thought conversation throughout society the the encouragement of today's youth to to read and support the libraries in which these books come from

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