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A review of the utility of remote sensing in agriculture

A review of the utility of remote sensing in agriculture 2400 Introduction Agriculture 240 The agricultural food supply is a product of a web linking soil water sunlight seed stock fertilizers technique human effort economy and planning Drury 1992 Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for many people to which globally there is a gross undersupply Its importance therefore requires effective management and decision making so resources are sufficiently used in the production processing and distribution of agricultural products Agricultural production systems can be highly vulnerable to variations in climate soil and topography of regions Kingra Majumder and Singh 2016 as well as other worldwide issues such as population increase leading to problems such as overgrazing which require a higher dependency and reliance on efficient crop growth All factors are intimately related with the biological technological and physical problems which face modern agriculture Lillesand et al 2008 and can affect its sustainable practice The monitoring and data collection of the agricultural production system is therefore essential for maximum efficiency and implementation of effective management decisions to maintain sustainable agricultural practices for the future Remote sensing can be used to monitor these issues as it forms a source for much of the information needed for implementing for efficient agricultural methods management of food resources and development of new agricultural areas Drury 1992 

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Clinicians Identified Several Potential Barriers to the Successful Delivery

The clinicians who participated in this study were part of an interdisciplinary program and attended a 2-day workshop on self-management support using the BAP Despite this the results of this study showed that the clinicians identified several potential barriers to the successful delivery self-management support in clinical practice The barriers uncovered in this study are in line with previous findings Michael Vallis 2015 found that the main challenges to delivering self-management of chronic diseases in a clinical setting included lack of training and competence and lack of time among clinicians 30 Also a Jeffery et al 2013 study indicated that lack of experience and time were barriers among clinicians for patient health coaching 29 Lastly clinicians in this study considered patients perspective as a barrier to delivering self-management support This might be related to clinicians fear of shifting away from a traditional practice and the discrepancy in the perception between clinicians and patients 28 Patients view was a unique barrier to deliver self-management support in clinical practice in this study

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