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Chapter four was about Sensation and Perception

Chapter four was about sensation and perception Throughout our lives we use our five senses in order to connect with the world and our environment The five senses that we use in our everyday lives are touch taste smell hear and see Sensation refers to the recognition of our surrounding by just using our five senses While perception is mainly about explaining the sensations to your brain These five senses then go through a process called transduction A transduction is the process of transforming stimulus energy sound light smell waves into neural messages that go to your brain The type of psychologists that studies sensation and perception and the effects of it are called psychophysics In order to measure sensation psychophysics studies the absolute threshold The absolute threshold is testing the use of the five senses from things we can barely reveal ourselves, For example, it's like tasting a pinch of salt in a 4-liter water bottle or feeling a lady bug walking across your arm You either notice that there s something there or don't notice anything at all A second way to measure sensation is called the difference threshold as known as JND just noticeable difference

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