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Culture Diversity Assignment The stereotype threat affects people in a negative way It adds challenges to one's life just because of their preference are how they were born The stereotype threat I chose to write about is racial stereotype I choose this one because it has had a big influence in my life From school to work I dealt with it my whole life just my everyday living For example when going on job interviews I look at the people that is are already employed I feel like if the job is mostly white I instantly think I am not going to get the job Not because I don't feel that I am qualified I feel this way because of my experience with jobs so it is kind of like I have my own stereotyping going on I feel that it is only nature to have questions about the unfamiliar just be open minded to their uniqueness I worked for a temp a couple year back in the time I was there they had a job opening so I applied for it because I really enjoyed that job even through I felt like I was judged as soon as I walked in the door I was always on time looked professional and did my job with the skills that I have working in the medical field I put in my application for the open position I was there for over a month without getting an interview A young white girl with no experience ended up getting the job I was upset because prior to the interview I walked into the lunch room the manager and a co worker were having a conversation about me which they stopped talking when I walked in the room 

I overheard them talking about my skin color and that I have tattoos and making comments like I was incapable of doing my line of work because of how I look or the color of my skin I know it could not have been me having tattoos because they all had them They counted me out when I walked in the door from the beginning I was there to do a job not win the miss beauty contest During my research about racial stereotype I came across some wonderful information While doing my research one long running focus of research known as racial phenotypicality bias Maddox and others have shown that Black Americans with more Afrocentric features such as darker skin coarser hair and fuller lips tend to be perceived more negatively and more stereotyped then those with less Afrocentric features even by members of their own racial group Personality and Social Psychology review Vol 8 No 4 2004 Racial stereotype and expectations can impact the way that we communicate and understand others according to UBC research Brain Talbot Flicker Racial stereotype is automatic and a mental picture that holds all members of a racial group When others stereotype based on their race one does not consider one s differences Racial stereotypes are developed by many ways It is human nature to put people into categories The less contact we have with others in different racial groups we tend to more likely have negative feelings toward those groups If one has a negative experience with a group that tend to strengthen our racial stereotype As a result from negative racial stereotype we miss opportunities to learn and thrive from our differences Racial stereotype in most cases is harmful because it ignores the uniqueness of all people Racial stereotype may also foster feelings of hate and aggression Those that have power can engage in discriminatory and racist practices Since racial stereotype can have harmful effects working towards overcoming them should be a strong commitment 

It affects society and the way the world view other differences instead of learning from them We need to gain more awareness knowledge of other racial groups doing this can lessen stereotyping Working on changing ourselves can elicit change in others Being able to recognize stereotype will allow us to better evaluate the information presented The importance of being able to think critically when dealing with stereotype is looking at both sides a not to be bias To take the negativity out of stereotype and improve your critical thinking will help create your own effective solution to multitude of unfamiliar problems Being able to examine our own ability as critical thinkers and acknowledging r weakness it can help us refine our thought process Learning to think and process information in a more comprehensive way The importance of being able to think critically when dealing with stereotype is important to us so we will not view others one sided and help us not to think bias We need to work to create a society in which all races are valued appreciated and embraced Not judged by their background are race Reference page www apa org monitor 2017 10 stereotyping aspx https news ubc ca 2015 05 26 how racial sterotypes impact the way we communicate ucc na edu self help multicultural awareness overcoming stereotypes

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