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DBQ Mongol During the 1350s

DBQ Mongol During the 1350s Eurasian population experienced a massive outbreak of the bubonic plague Many know this as the Black Death As many as a quarter of the entire world were killed by the disease many of which were European There was a lack of advancement in technology and medicine which contributed to the massive population decrease The Mongols may have been another contributing factor since illness is likely to be spread through trade and expansion The Mongol conquests greatly impacted societies of Afro Eurasia in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries They provided a many years of prosperity to many of the areas they captured economically culturally and technologically but also caused tragedies such as widespread disease ethnic cleansing slavery and destruction The Mongols brought advances to the lands they conquered The Great Khan is often depicted as a noble leader but there may be bias from authors such as a Mongolian court official Mongols would spread their religious views all throughout the lands they conquered Mongke Khan wanted a religion that could be appealing to everyone so a religion that addressed all truths would be ideal Doc 5 Because William of Rubruck is a very credible source of information about what he witnessed because of the little contact he had with Monke Khan that could lead to bias In China merchants could easily buy goods with paper money received from traded silver Doc 7

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