Essay Example on Current oil demand is at its highest due to the increase in modern Technology








The current oil demand is at its highest due to the increase in modern technology such as cars motorbikes and other easy access vehicles people use as everyday transport The Oil is produced through a few different means One of these methods is to drill into a seabed for the pockets for crude oil and other substances with the help of a man made drilling rig causing even more damage to ocean marine life than necessary In 2016 Russia alone produced 10 551 497 bbl day alone Wikipedia 2017 statistics show Oils such as crude oil is produced overtime by decaying fossils of marine life which lay on the ocean floor The remains then are smothered in mud this process repeats until they have completely fossilised into rock due to the temperature pressure and lack of oxygen

This however is not a quick process in fact scientists have dated it to be 140 million year process What does that mean for future oil productions This oil industry makes a lot of money from the production according to the Wikipedia page in 2009 10 the five largest oil companies combined produced 278 186 250 in just one day Sinopec China National Petroleum Corporation PetroChina Exxon Mobil According to Christopher L J Frid Bryony A Caswell 2017 crude oil is toxic if ingested and crude oil can also cause mortality through physical impacts such as coating the gills or other respiratory structures interfering with the waterproofing and thermal protection of birds and mammals Humans are causing harmful side effects for marine life as the demand gets higher but still have little knowledge of what's really happening before the oil gets used for their vehicles Not only is this not environmentally friendly for marine life nor us In France Brittany 16th march 1978 an oil spill occurred pumping 223 tonnes x 10 3 of crude oil into the ocean along with the Ixtoc 1 in the Unities States Gulf of Mexico 20th April 2010 15th 2010 released 560 585 tonnes x10 3 Christopher L J Frid Bryony A Caswell 2017 This particular blow out happened approximately five thousand feet below the surface causing the

BT Transocean drilling platform Deepwater Horizon to explode killing eleven workers and injuring others says Judith S Weis 2015 This explosion not only injured and caused mortalities to humans but animals too It was recorded there was 400 controlled burns which killed hundreds of sea turtles Judith S Weirs 2015 not only sea turtles were affected but this but larger mammals such as dolphins were killed or seriously injured The fish that surrounded that area took a serious hit to their numbers leaving species in decline Although there was actions taken to help prevent further harm such as implementing Dispersant Corexit to break up the oil The damage had already happened This proves that oil digging in the ocean is not sustainable as there is Andrea Thompson April 23rd said Approximately 1 7 billion gallons 6 4 billion litres of oil were lost as a result of tanker incidents from 1970 to 2009 according to International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limited This high significant figure proves that oils spills are not a matter how if they will happen but when will it happen and where The fact is that crude oil and other oils that are drilled from the ocean will not last forever as they take millions of years to form and need the exact conditions for these fossil fuels to arise The rate in which oil companies are removing oils from the seabed As an estimate we will run out of oils in the next 55 years or sooner according to Andrew Leach 2014 Which shows that we have to stop being as reliant on these methods because they will eventually run out proving it is not sustainable for the future Sustainability means

The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level Oxford dictionary 1998 With this definition in place we can clearly see that we cannot manage the production its natural occurrence that cannot manufactured We are giving ourselves an unsustainable future and hurting innocent marine life such as fish that keep mistaking oils slicks for food that will harm Ingesting oil can cause cancer mutations and mortalities according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority 2016 Oil slicks have also caused a drop in the fishing industry because there are more ineligible fish that are not healthy enough to sell or eat due to the amount of ocean pollution they uptake in their diet This also leads to damaging habitats and forcing marine life to relocate themselves to places they would not naturally live This can cause a decline in numbers because they cannot easily adapt to their new surroundings they also then are at risk of moving into an area where there are higher amount of predators

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