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Why IPV May Occur

Numerous sociological theories have been developed in attempts to further understand the reasoning behind why IPV may occur these theories often provide conflicting rational as to why domestic abuse occurs, For example, social conflict theory takes a macro level approach when analyzing IPV within society and suggests that it may occur in a relationship when the relationship becomes unbalanced and one partner obtains more resources than the other Rakovec Felser 2014 This can often cause the economically weaker partner to resort to IPV in an attempt to regain power and control within the relationship Rakovec Felser 2014 Despite taking a similar macro orientation approach structural functionalism theories suggest that IPV occurs when government learning institutions and the family fail to perform their roles within society Brinkerhoff et al 2010 Such as how when women try to preform influential roles traditionally occupied by men men within relationships may seek to regain control and regularity within the relationship with the use of violence According to structural functionalism men are historically supposed to uphold powerful positions within society whilst women hold more oppressive positions Brinkerhoff et al 2010 as result of the increasing equality within societies particularly within the workplace IPV is suggested to be used as an instrument of exercising power and maintaining control of the relationship Brinkerhoff et al 2010 Structural functionalists argue that IPV is a social issue that occurs due to wealth inequalities and gendered stereotypes Brinkerhoff et al 2010

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