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People have less money to spend on sports for their Kids

While Players in poverty areas can seek help I think that the fact that people have less money to spend on sports for their kids they aren't able to capitalize on their kids skills According to the documentary the high school did not have the fields and accommodations to support the kids abilities Kids who live in worse areas and have less money can t and are not given the chance to play in college even though they might be better at that sport or have the better grades Wealthier kids are able to go to schools with better coaching facilities and playing better teams despite their skill in the sport entirely Throughout the years kids and especially teens have wanted to play sports to have fun with their friends but also to achieve the feeling of winning something It has been studied that people who live in less populated and poorer areas have not been given the same chance to play sports in high school and in their future in college Poverty throughout modern era has affected not only parents and the way they live and do normal activities but it affects a child or young teen learning ability in life

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