Essay Example on Dark Matter According to scientist roughly 80 percent of Mass









Dark Matter According to scientist roughly 80 percent of mass of the universe is made up of material that scientists does not have the ability to directly observe Known as dark matter this concept does not have the capability to give off light or energy The universe rotational period consist of the stars orbit the center of the milky way galaxy The law of gravity states that the stars closest to the galactic center should travel faster than those near the galaxy s outer edge Astronomers have seen the rotational periods have had a dramatic change and the stars orbiting the galactic center are going roughly the same speed This is dark matter is what is taking a tug on the stars in their rotational period This is the matter that does not interact with light and we will not be able to see it This is something that may imply that we do not interact with electromagnetic radiation Approximately one quarter of the universe consists of dark matter which produces no detectable light energy but exerts a force much like gravity that pulls on all visible matter in the universe Dark matter does not interact with the electromagnetic forces in other words it does not absorb reflect or emit light making it extremely hard to spot Some researchers have been able to infer the presences of dark matter only from the gravitational effect it seems to have on visible matter 

There are some theories that have been generated by scientist that believe that they have the ability to see dark matter with the particles able to be produced at the LHC If scientist are able t0 prove these theories it will help them have a better understanding of what dark matter is and understand what it is doing to our universe Dark Energy The expansion of the universe was not slowing due to gravity as scientist had thought but instead was accelerating or speeding up Dark matter works to slow down the expansion of the universe but dark energy exerts a force that pushes matter outward causing the expansion to speed up Scientist are not sure if dark matter and dark energy are something that works together and correlate with one another but dark energy may have is own particles but there is no evidence of the existence of this particle This is a dominant force because it is pushing the universe outwards Dark energy makes up approximately 68 of the universe and appears to be associated with the empty area in space It is distributed evenly throughout the universe not only in space in other words its effect does not become minimum and becomes smaller as the universe expands The even distribution throughout the universe means that dark energy does not have any local gravitational effects but it does mean that it does have a global effect on the universe as a whole Scientist are continuing to have the inference that the universe will continue to expand and will keep expanding as long as it continues to be in the universe Matter Matter is everything that is around you and the eye can see 

Atoms and compounds are all made imputed into matter everything consist of atoms and different compounds because everything consist of matter These are the building blocks of what everything is made of nothing in the world does not consist of matter which consist of the atoms and compounds Matter is known as anything and everything that has mass and takes up space We cover five states of matter which consist of liquid solid plasma and gases Each one of these states can be considered something that is sometimes called a phase There are many other states of matter that exist in extreme environments that many people don t know about and scientist may find out these different forms of matter in due time as they continue to explore People typically use matter to describe what something looks like listing the physical properties of something AntiMatter Antimatter is the opposite of normal matter which means it doesn t contain the same particles as those of regular matter The particles that anti matter consist of have properties opposite those of regular matter The electrical charge of those particles is slightly different all around Antimatter was created along with matter after the Big Bang but antimatter is rare in today's universe Antimatter particles are generated in a very high ultra high speed collisions In the first moments after the Big Bang the only thing that existed was energy existed As the universe had time to cool down it began to expand and the different particles of both matter and antimatter were somehow produced in same amounts Antimatter appears to exist primarily in something high in energy called cosmic rays high energy particles that form new particles as they generate different forces into the earth's atmosphere Scientist have studied the properties and characteristics of the antiparticles and the antimatter they form when they combine

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