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Cost differences in human resource and the costs of running a Bus

Cost differences in human resource and the costs of running a business are one of the leading forces that drive managers to outsource The other reason is the availability of enough workforces with the required skills The case study of the Galaxywire net examines the outsourcing decision faced by the organization The organization is confronted by a dilemma on whether to outsource or not The decision to outsource versus not is more promising to the organization regarding possible profits Many challenges come into play that is associated with the same We will dissect the case analysis to explain if the organization is supposed to outsource at any cost and whether corporations have a moral obligation not to outsource Considering that the Indian currency is weaker than the dollar Galaxywire net will enjoy a beautiful conversion of exchange gain which makes the rates in India to be cheaper and makes this a great move to complete India has a competitive and skilled labor suitable for offshore work contracts Just like many organizations the management at Galaxywire net attempted to be cost effective To achieve this it needs to cut its expense on salaries by outsourcing labor from India Outsourcing workforce puts the organization in a moral dilemma Just like many businesses Galaxywire net business attitudes are egoistic 

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Earthquakes are Caused due to Sudden Movement

INTRODUCTION Every years thousands or more than that earthquakes are felt by human being worldwide out of which some range from very small intensity felt only by few persons to great intensities that destroy the whole cities 1 Earthquakes has always been the major potential source of damage and casualties for humankind when compared with other natural hazards such as Tsunami Cyclone Floods and Landslide Although Places varies but the pattern with which earthquakes will strikes is remain same since earthquake strikes without giving any sort of warnings leaving the whole cities in wreckage and killing thousands of people 2 The loss of human lives economical losses depends upon the intensity with which grounds shakes location and depth of earthquakes and the amount with which buildings get settled 1 Peoples are killed not due to earthquakes but the buildings or the structure made by them does so Till date the number of earthquakes that has occurred yet and damages caused by it weather loss of human lives or financial losses are more worse in areas which are densely populated Where large number of buildings has been constructed on a seismically active zone and also due presence of older buildings that has not been properly refurbished 4

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Innocence or Savagery in a man In Lord Of The Flies

Innocence or Savagery in a man In Lord Of The Flies A symbol effectively guide the boys from chaos and destruction Ralph and Piggy are the first to settle on the Island and use the Conch to have the other survivors on the Island to come join them The rules of the conch shell is whoever holds the conch shell has the right and opportunity to speak The conch shell becomes very important to order civilization and avoid conflict Conflict is shown in civilization or savagery order or chaos and good or evil The use of a symbol such as the conch shell should be used to avoid conflict and a utopia but the savagery of a man is the main conflict getting in the way The conch shell is just more than a symbol to the boys it is the act of democratic power The shell starts off with so much power to the boys The conch shell is a creamy white White is light goodness purity and innocence White represents a successful future and a new beginning When the boys first got on the island they came across with innocence and a new successful beginning At first even Jack respects the conch he doesn't smash it into pieces he makes the choice of gently setting it down Jack might not like the rules but in a way he still regards the rules laid the conch with great care in the grass at his feet However the conch shell is fake even though the boys believe that the conch has so much power The conch is so powerful Lewis 2 because the rules they made can be so powerful if they all believe and follow those rules Ralph ends up realizing that without the shell things would fall apart If I blow the conch and they don't come back then we ve had it We shan t keep the fire going We ll be like animals We ll never be rescued Ralph realized that if he did not blow that conch at that time the power will still hold amongst them The boys start to fall apart because of the rebel Jack he knows the rules but does not always follow them In response to that the innocence is vanished when the boys end up killing simon because they believe he is the beast In response to that Ralph snatches the shell and feels guilty when talking about how they killed Simon Next the boys have taken charge and ignore Ralph when he tries to blow the conch at Jack's camp so Rodger chucks rocks at Ralph This is a example of good vs evil

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The world over social inequality and political justice

The world over social inequality and political justice have become critical issues that many feel should be addressed for the sake of improving the quality of life The issues faced are not new as they have been around for some time in one form or the other Many theorists or free thinkers have pondered over this and have come up with ideas that aim to achieve social and political change for the sole purpose of improving the quality of life In this paper I aim to illustrate how some of the theories put forth share similar characteristics while at the same time deviate from their ideas The first similarity that stands out between the theories is the division among society along the lines of the haves and the have nots or those who have power and those who are subject to that power which acts as a point of contention In the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels The Manifesto of Class Struggles this clearly plays out in the form of a struggle between the Bourgeois who are a class of people fortunate enough to own property or means of production and the Proletariat who provided the required labor

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