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Assignment Antimicrobial Agents a Walden University

Week 8 Assignment Antimicrobial Agents a Walden University Antimicrobial Agents The treatment of infectious diseases such as chronic hepatitis human immunodeficiency virus HIV other sexually transmitted infections and foodborne infections have continued to be a challenge to the healthcare industries throughout the United States Huether McCance 2017 In this paper the various types of antimicrobial agents the differences between viral and bacterial infections and the need for proper identification of bacterial or viral infections for the right selection of antimicrobial agent will be discussed Antimicrobial agents are the chemicals that work against microbial organisms Antimicrobials include all types of agents that act against all types of microorganisms including bacteria antibacterial fungi antifungal viruses antiviral and protozoa antiprotozoal Antibacterials are the most commonly found antimicrobial agents therefore they are also most commonly known by people Sometimes the terms antibacterials is also used interchangeably with the term antimicrobials Michigan State University n d Categories of antimicrobial agents Main classes of antimicrobials are Penicillins used in the treatment of streptococcal and staphylococcal infections though limited due to widespread resistance however effective in treating many infections Arcangelo Peterson 2013 It is very active against gram positive cocci that frequently cause oral pulmonary infections and pharyngeal This is why penicillin remains the first line agent for treating syphilis and gonorrhea the two most familiar venereal diseases Penicillin generally administered only by parenteral routes and can be degraded in gastric acid Becker 2013 

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