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Over the past several decades chivalry has transformed into Something

Over the past several decades chivalry has transformed into something completely different than what it was considered in historical society Chivalry flourished in western Europe between the mid 12th and the 16th centuries and its rules applied primarily to the aristocratic fighting men who were called knights The ideals promoted by the heroic code bravery loyalty and service to one s lord were later softened by contact with the Christian church as its influence spread westward During the Middle Ages knighthood emerged as a feature of feudalism the political economic and social system in medieval Europe in which kings and other overlords granted land to certain of their followers in exchange for military and other services Rossignol Among other things chivalry placed women on pedestals where they were to be worshipped and protected Meanwhile chivalry today is often used a term for gentlemanly behavior manifested through courtesy toward the fair sex honor courage loyalty etc Abels 

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Computer based crimes have become more Sophisticated

Introduction Computer based crimes have become more sophisticated and less discerning over the past couple decades The intent of the perpetrator is often malicious and or financial but unlike most crimes he can be located on the other side of the world Until he is caught the criminal is as faceless as the individuals and corporations he victimizes Identity theft phishing and cyberterrorism are examples of the most serious computer crimes Although identity theft and phishing are similar in that the motive is to steal personal information phishing is slightly different because it involves tricking the unsuspecting victim while online Identity thieves can be tech savvy individuals criminal groups or dishonest and careless employees in organizations with lax policies 

The stolen laptop from the Maryland home of an employee from the Department of Veterans Affairs is one popular example of lenient policies within institutions and corporations Other factors that drive individuals to steal private information include a dismal economy fewer resources for law enforcement and budget constraints that make organizations focus more on survival and less on protecting personal information Britt 2009a p 43

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