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How many people if any in a room shared a Birthday

Introduction Have you ever wondered how many people if any in a room shared a birthday Well how many people do you think it would take to find two people who share the same birthday In fact if you were to get the birthdays of 23 random people there would be a 50 percent chance that two of them would share the same birthday Now if we have a bigger group such as 75 people there would be a 99.9 chance that at least two of them would have matching birthdays This whole concept is actually the birthday paradox also known as the birthday problem I became interested with the birthday paradox one day when my seventh grade math teacher had briefly explained it to us and sounded very simple After the birthday paradox was explained to us my teacher wanted to test it out It worked out perfectly because we had exactly 23 people in the room minus the teacher Once we wrote all of our birthdays on a note card our teacher collected them and started to organize them by day and month Once they were all set out we quickly discovered that two students in the class had the same birthday It all just seemed to be a coincidence 

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