Essay Example on DC Voltages generated by the Fuel Cell Stacks and Photovoltaic Panels








Introduction DC Voltages generated by the Fuel Cell Stacks and Photovoltaic Panels will be in the order of Low Voltage hence these DC Voltages should be boosted before it has to be converted to AC Hence in Renewable energy system mostly high step up ratio DC DC converters are chosen Another topology to help the info voltage to wanted levels with low obligation proportions using coupled inductor and to accomplish high advance up voltage pick up with a suitable obligation proportion have been proposed 1 2 In addition on the main switch and Output diode a passive clamp circuit is used to decrease the voltage stress and conduction loss in the main switch by using a low resistance RDS ON Main key factors for renewable energy power conversion systems in industrial applications are Efficiency Power Quality and Reliability Du 3 suggested a scheme to improve the performance of the Large Capacity High Voltage Photovoltaic Power Station There are two separate phases in the photovoltaic power transformation circuit i e there are two stages in the PV system one is DC to DC power conversion and the other one is DC to AC power conversion

In DC to DC stage number of power units are connected in parallel each unit comprises of a photovoltaic array and a non isolated DC DC converter The DC to AC power conversion is similar to a voltage source connected series with a current source Ismail 4 presented about a pulse width modulated PWM based DC DC single switch three diode converter with constant frequency constant duty cycle and these converters are different from the usual step up DC DC converters and they have high voltage gain with little output voltage ripples In any case A high advance converter with high advance pick up and low diode voltage push suitable for green power source change by employing a coupled inductor and charged capacitor accomplishes high advance transformation proportion without adapting greatly high turns or obligation proportion In the power switch the voltage spike can be reduced by a Low Voltage rated power switch with low RDS ON and thus the conduction losses is reduced this is presented by Kuo Ching Tseng 5 6 13 DC DC

Converter with High Step Up Trans Inverse Tx 1 for Distributed Generation System is presented by Yam 7 by using a magnetic coupling to boost the output voltage whereas in other converters the magnetic turn s ratio is reduced for coupled magnetic and voltage gain To illustrate the inverse operation principle of the converter it is termed as Trans inverse Tx 1 With a regenerative snubber circuit the coupled magnetic leakage energy can be recycled and transferred to the load To prevent the core saturation the DC Current Blocking capacitors are used A high step up converter for fuel cell system application is proposed by Ching 8 which provides a two phase design arrangement Initially an interleaved structure is adjusted for diminishing information and yield swells Then a Cuk type converter is incorporated with the initial one to attain a greater voltage conversion ratio also to avoid the operation of its extreme duty ratio

The voltage problems in the Dynamic Switches and Diodes are subsided with evolving extra capacitors as voltage An Isolated Two Switch High Step Up Converter with Voltage Boost proposed by Liang 9 To attain high step up gain a transformer with low turns ratio is used A passive clamp circuit is used to recycle the stored energy in the leakage inductance There by decreasing the voltage stress and the conduction loss in the power switch Li 11 has presented for a Photovoltaic Grid Connected Applications a Non Isolated High Step Up DC DC Converter In this he recommended the PV grid connected system for residential considering PV Array rate and Safety the Parallel Connected arrangement is relatively employed than a series connected design Besides to have a better efficiency of the convertor and to reduce the system cost Non Isolated High Step Up convertors are employed because in the application of common current mode of Large PV area can be resolved effectively For Grid Connected PV System the Low Cost High Step Up normal Boost Convertor with High Efficiency the restrictions are analysed In most of the High Step Up configuration based on the Circuit Structure Cascaded Boost Three Level Boost Converter High Step Up Boost Converter with Coupled Inductor and Switched Capacitor Interleaved Soft Switching High Step Up Converter are classified and summarized in to various categories Weichen Li 12 presented the ZVT Converter for PV Generation system with High Step Up Interleaved Built In Transformer Voltage Doublers Cell

This paper relates with the application of distributed Photovoltaic Generation the abstract i e the idea of Voltage Doublers Cells with Built In Transformer derived to produce a better High Step Up Interleaved Converter The proposed circuit for the Voltage Doublers Cell has Two Voltage Doubler Diodes and Two Capacitors with Three Transformer Windings These capacitors are charged and discharged in an alternative manner so has to double the Voltage Gain We can have two control variables so as to boost the voltage proportion by means of the switch obligation cycle and by the transformer turns proportion For the reuse of spillage vitality to subside the turn kill voltage spikes and to attain Zero Voltage Switching operation for all dynamic switches dynamic clamp scheme is obtained In the above papers they do not deal with reduction of ripple in the output of HGSC This work proposes Pi filter at the output of HGSC The above publications do not deal with enhancement of time domain response of HGSC using suitable controller The literature 1 12 do not deal with comparison of responses of PI PID and FL controlled HGSC systems This work proposes Fuzzy logic for the control of HGSC

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