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Dear husband hope you having a good day First I will start by apologizing of saying anything disrespectful towards you I tell myself over and over again to be a respectful wife to you even when I know you are pushing my bottoms B cuz in the end the outcomes of it only hunts me That being said I don t want to argue about the number one evil thng on this earth money You can send my family whatever you think is fair for us to afford at this time if you know best I was only doing money math not for only his burial but for the family he left behind too since he was the one who was supporting them Honestly I wasn t trying to argue But as I told you before i came to realize we can not have a decent conversations without arguing I m sorry if you felt like I am forcing you to give me something you don t have nor you can afford We are two adult that needs to consult with one another when it comes to matters like this and some You always told me to think before talking Which is true and iam learning as I go And for that I thank you Unfortunately I wish you could recognize your wrongs and take advices when I do point them out to you today s lil foil was not about the money Instead acknowledging the situation about the founds working out the pros and cons of what we can give you instead made the whole conversation about yourself which I really didnt appreciate tell me we can t afford to support tell me there s other ways we can help tell me you dont want to do it tell me something even knowledge me to the degree instead of telling me what I can t and won t do pointing fingers and catching feelings before we could even solve a problem doesn t help any of us

 It s not about you or me It s about what we can do together if we could only have a normal decent conversations And again I wasn t trying to disrespect you by asking why not when asking Elly for the money came up Regardless how it came out of my mouth it doesn t mean that I was malicious about it I was actually eager to know the answer You jumped to the conclusion always thinking for me like I don t have mind of my own I don t like when you undermine me I think about what I m doing and when I come to you about it is because my husband opinions matters to me but sometimes your misguided everything that comes out your mouth is negative We ll always agree to disagree but you wanting your way about everything doesn t fly easily with me I need you to know this Whether you knowledge it or not is highly up to you I was taught to always be the bigger person when it comes to those who wrongs you I always let them win and I always forgive them And when I am at wrong it might take me while lingering in the back of my mind but I correct it Which brings the reason why I fight with you now about everything because you ignore to at least acknowledge the problems you just fight me back over and over I just let you win and after so many i am forced to be an ugly person that I don t want to be I disrespect you and after that I come to you saying sorry

And try to clear the air I understand you have an ego bigger than your head but I don t think you see how much sin your causing me if you don t care to know how we should work I don t know how long I m going to forgive Without boundaries and foundations There won t be respect you thinking your the superior and I don t matter b cuz in my eyes that s how I see it I m the wife and I should just do what I am told If we are talking about Religiously which you always bring up and you think you going by Your suppose to be the perfect example of respect honor change love family And if you can t be neither of those don t expect me to always listen to you when you don t It s exactly why we always say why should I listen to you when you don t In the end we both helpless We are human and we ll always make mistakes and argue and disagree but we also are not robots If you and I know what s best for this family than we should know what s best for us too I wasn t mad this morning and I am not mad now I just hate the fact that how we can turn lil issues to big problems and that s just our biggest problem

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