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Dear Madam Sir From the time I was very young I loved to take things apart Nothing was safe from me dismantling various devices like computer mouses remote controllers and old cell phones was my favourite hobby I didn't realize it at the time but this was my introduction to engineering As a child I had to content myself with underlying mechanisms such as LEGO constructors as well as to ask my engineer grandfather about his profession and reading books from our modest family library Books like Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions and Mechanics Of Materials helped me to develop an understanding of the theoretical aspects of engineering and its importance in our life Later watching documentaries like Genius about essential inventions as the plane and internal combustion engine made me more and more fascinated with engineering Two years later when I was finishing 6th grade I realized the importance of studying in an international atmosphere which leads me to prepare hard to study at a new school in my town with higher standards and more opportunities in the fields of math and science Finally in 2012 I won an Orken scholarship which gave me the opportunity to study at Nazarbayev Intellectual School one of the most prestigious in our country 

It was a big step towards my dream because our school s program is based on the Cambridge Assessment and employs international teachers from leading countries like England Canada Australia who distribute modern ideologies and practices with us I have also taken advantage of the technology available at our school to further my engineering skills by participating in our VEX Robotics club It has helped me to develop programming problem solving building and engineering skills As a student I realized that to fully comprehend any subject I should not only observe but should participate actively and make it on my own I was inspired to undertake my project after learning about bionics my project was called Pearl Health Center and had to be presented as part of school competition which in my opinion was the initial step in my long path towards engineering world While developing this project I faced many obstacles To start with I was pressed for time to finish my work due to school schedule making a plan to devote time to my project helped me to acquire the valuable habit of time management Moreover I also found that I needed to learn new skills I studied and then implemented the Golden Ratio when completing hand made models of my buildings as well as developing knowledge of AudoCad to make a 3D model of the health centre When the project was finished I was reflected on my work and realized that I had improved my critical thinking skills such as analyzing and synthesizing my ideas so that I could present my work to my audience I won this competition and quickly started work on my next project 

My performance leads to more opportunities including a trip to Besant Hill School Los Angeles USA to get extended lectures in Physics Math and Informatics In addition to the talks I was able to work with my peers and share my own both practical and theoretical knowledge of engineering When I got home I was inspired to develop and lead a Project Makers club at my school to provide support and inspiration for other students interested in projects The process of searching the best place to study mechanical engineering has consumed me complete I have read about many countries and even more universities After two years of research I have concluded that China will be the most suitable place to study engineering First of all I am impressed by unique traditional Chinese mechanisms such as a compass clock movable sails rudder spinning wheel and stirrups Modern Chinese engineers are on the cutting edge of technology intertwining classical Chinese flow and contemporary style I am inspired by the innovative thinking that has been used to erect colossal buildings such as the Shanghai World Financial Center whose rectangular aperture reduces wind pressure or Three Gorges Dam which acts as the world's largest power station I believe that studying in this kind of environment will inform and motivate me to make my inventions As I look forward to my university career and beyond I am confident that my school experience has prepared me to be a successful student studying abroad I can say that I have gained different skills including leadership while managing club and collaboration I have created my projects as extra curricular activities and as part of our Global Perspective course I have self motivated and learned new things on my own When combined with my long standing passion for mechanical engineering I am excited about a bright future of studying collaborating and innovating I hope that I will be able to achieve this dream in China

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