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Statement of Ph D Research Interest Department of Finance BI UNIVERSITY I am applying for admission to the PhD program in Finance because I want a career in the research and teaching of Finance My research interests are in Corporate finance and Financial Analysis In particular I am interested in factors that affect the Company s internal investments organization s structure long term business strategy manufacturing supply chains distribution network information needs and standard systems My dissertation focuses on analyses of financial statements of companies Ratio Analysis Short term Analysis Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Multi companies Analysis and Industry comparison In order to gain an appreciation of these and related issues it is essential for me to have a strong grounding in Economics Accounting and issues connected with Financial Analysis as well as gain a General knowledge for Finance perspective I believe that the Ph D program in Finance would be invaluable in helping me achieve my goals It would enable me to channel my quantitative and conceptual skills in analyzing business issues and would open up new avenues in research Subsequent to earning a Ph D I would like to apply for a faculty position at a leading university and investigate issues concerned with Finance as it affects organization strategy structure and systems I believe that my background in accounting and finance has prepared me for such a career I have found research fascinating during Bachelor degree where I received the highest marks in the Department for my final year undergraduate dissertation and was judged to have presented one of the value at the faculty

My three years of Economic faculty have provided me with a strong grounding in mathematics and statistics I joined University Politecnica Delle Marche Italy in order to extend my perspective and to improve my career prospects International Economics and Econometric subjects new to me were interesting and I enjoyed applying quantitative and conceptual skills to analyze business problems I did very well in projects desk research workshops and class discussion although academically I did not perform to my satisfaction I finished my Master degree with a GPA of 100 110 partly due to teaching methods and facing for the first time foreign culture It has passed only a few months from today since I have graduated with a master degree I have learned a lot on my master Degree With my colleagues I have analyzed markets and examined supply and distribution networks for an Italian company DINETS an investing company I have helped formulate entry strategies plans for expansion and diversification and also company business plans As part of a team I have carried out preliminary feasibility studies compared technology options I have studied in detail the organizational structure and systems for DINETS All this has given me valuable insights into the environment in which companies operate how they affect this environment and are affected by it It has enabled me to observe some of the better and worse ways of running a business

A study on the globalization brought home to me the importance of international companies in determining a company s or industry s competitiveness The time limitation on each assignment has taught me to plan well work systematically and keep my reports up to date At the same time having to defend my analyses and recommendations during both internal discussions and presentations to Professors has taught me to think rigorously and creatively Our extensive use of computers for analysis and preparation of presentations and reports has made me familiar with the spreadsheet word processing and presentation packages While the highly diverse nature of assignments has helped me gain a broad exposure to the financial industry it has not been possible for me to study for a long time specific business or corporate related issues in depth I realize that in order to be able to do so I need a better understanding of the various facets of financial corporate the interlinkages between different functional areas and between different business entities Likewise I need further training in research methodology I want to do a Ph D at the BI University for many reasons I have heard about BI s Ph D program in Finance from the social network and am impressed with the emphasis placed on analytical skills general management orientation and rigorous research methodology 

The BI s strengths in Finance Accounting and Statistics are commensurate with my research interests The goodwill of BI University for excellent teaching challenging coursework and the outstanding facilities are added attractions While the study of and research in Finance is my main objective nowadays my interests in travel literature sports and nature help me uphold a sense of perspective in life I like to write and have had some articles published in International newspapers something which BI s University offers Additionally I intend on pursuing a Ph D in Finance upon completion of my master s and I feel that this program while making me uniquely suited to approach Finance from a highly academic and interdisciplinary perspective To this end I would also like to gain knowledge in the fields of investment analysis Asset Pricing Econometrics and Mathematics during my Ph D studies in Norway Being part of something bigger than you are it makes you better is something that often I say I hope that the admission committee finds my background and willingness commensurate with the requirements of BI s Ph D the program in Finance

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