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Color model is an abstract mathematical model representing colors by tuples of numbers

The color model is an abstract mathematical model describing an approach to represent colors by tuples of numbers such as RGB or CMYK Kaur Sahib 2015. Color space is a specific organization of colors. Each specific color model can have different color spaces. Color space is represented in a three-dimensional coordinate system. In the three dimensional systems, each color is represented by a single point. To apply color as a visual cue in computer vision applications image processing and multimedia an appropriate approach to represent the signal of color is required. Color space provides a reasonable approach to recognize order affect and effectively display the colors of the object taken into consideration. The problem's declaration and solution can be addressed by choosing a suitable color model. The knowledge about the way color signals generated and what information needed from the color signal is important during the color model selection process.

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Tips for designer or typographer when designing for print

It would be a mistake for the designer or typographer to rely on what is on the screen when designing for print, especially when minute adjustments and attention to detail are so important. Proofs should be printed to ensure the final outcome is as intended as the screen cannot promise to display the correct colour resolution, character shape and spacing that is intended by the designer Gordon 2001. Upon mentioning colour it is also important to discuss how it affects legibility and readability when combined with type. It is a common belief that the most legible color combination for typography is black type on a white background. Although, this theory may stand to be true evolving printing and digital screen technologies can now offer alternative combinations that can match, if not exceed legibility. The legibility of type can be drastically affected for the better or the worst when color is incorporated. Depending on the nature of the content the appropriate contrast between the type itself and the background it sits on is paramount Maxa 2015. Hue is another name for color as is tone Value represents how dark or light colour may be and saturation refers to how bright a color is.

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Research about analysis of basic Visual Element in Packaging Design.

Packaging design is a creative business that connects form structure materials, color, imaginary typography and ancillary design elements with product information to make a product suitable for marketing Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 33. Besides packaging design is an effective advertisement for each product that sells to consumers. Moreover advertising agencies work with companies to create a packaging design that involves the creation of a product and how it looks to consumers attract to purchase it. Packaging design provides the consumer with clear and specific information, whether consciously or subconsciously and possible a point of comparison which one appears to be a more effective product a better value, a more convenient package purchase is incited Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 36. Therefore it is an alternative way to promote their product and helps to protect their product. Making frequently difficult decisions on technical criteria is part of the packaging designer’s role Bill 2007 p 5. Nowadays, changing market trends put many responsibilities on who those design of the product packaging and it will label of a company. The first step toward this goal is to understand design principles, how design elements are affected by their relationship to one another and how this impacts the overall visual communication Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 79.

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