Essay Example on Desire to Kill In the poem Woodchucks written by Maxine Kumin









Desire to Kill In the poem Woodchucks written by Maxine Kumin is about a woman who happens to have a killing aggression toward a creature that happens to be eating out of her garden At first she tries to kill the woodchucks the most humane way possible She tries to poison them from underground but does not work as the woodchucks still continue to eat out of her garden of vegetables She progressively grew more mad and decides to shoot the animals herself The reason as to why she wanted the woodchucks dead was because they were feasting out of her own garden as if the woodchucks were the ones who planted that garden Her actions are so violent that she eventually becomes obsessed with killing and has the desire to exterminate so much that she ties it from Nazi way When she notices that there have been woodchucks eating from her garden she tried to get rid of them the most peaceful way possible She tries to kill the woodchucks from underground with poisonous gases She wanted to avoid seeing all the creature being killed in front of her own eyes Eventually as she sees that the gassing has not worked and the garden has been eaten a lot more than before she grows mad and decides to kill the woodchucks then and there 

As she starts to shoot the first woodchuck she states The food from our mouths I said righteously thrilling to the feel of the 22 the bullets neat noses lines 13 15 From this the reader can see that she is not feeling s sort of regret for killing the poor animal She seems to feel proud of what she is doing to the animal and finds it thrilling that she is finally getting rid of them She feels this sort of thrill when she has the gun in her hands because she knows she is about to end one animals life and knows that one will not be coming back to eat out of her garden Since she knows that once she kills one and knows that it will not be coming back anytime soon she has this urge throughout her body making it feel that she should start to kill more and more until they are gone She soon ties her killing through the way the Nazis s killed the jew Some jew were killed cold blooded and some were killed by gas chambers unseen by the Nazi soldiers She states that it only would have been easier to kill them by poisonous gases but she had to shoot them dead herself because the Woodchucks had that coming to them anyways for not wanting to die from the gases She continues killing the the woodchucks one by one as if she had felt no sort of sympathy in the world for the defenseless woodchucks Once she had reached the last woodchuck she stares at it for a while before ending its life she states All night I hunt his humped up form I dream I sight along the barrel in my sleep lines 27 28 This shows that she has waited such a long time to end to kill all the creatures that she hated due to them eating out of her garden 

This clearly shows her obsession in killing the animal that she even started having dreams about ending the woodchucks life once and for all After her saying this she does not take the fault for her actions but makes the woodchucks take the blame for the actions that she had made Her referring back to when Nazi s used gas chambers on the Jews she only thought it would be much easier to get the killing over with rather than having to kill them herself Throughout this poem this character grew a desire to kill animals that were eating out of her garden She did not care if they were trying to make a living all she cared about was exterminating the animals that happened to be ruining her food At first she tries to make everything easier for everyone else and gases them and hopes to kill all the woodchucks at once Once she find out that her plan never worked out she was furious and this feel for killing grew more within her The more she killed the more obsession towards exterminating the woodchucks grew She was not going to give up until she did not see a single one living anymore As she was killing she never felt any sort of sadness for them but felt this urge to kill more The actions she began making lead her to having an obsession to get rid as many of the woodchucks as she could

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