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Diethyl 3 methylbenzamide is a chemical compound with the chemical formula C12H17NO It is created by the reaction of m toluic acid with thionyl chloride followed by a reaction with diethylamine It has a colourless or faintly yellow liquid appearance at room temperature It also has a faint pleasant odor It's mainly a non polar compound because most of the bonds that it consists of are non polar The only bond it has which is not non polar is the bond between carbon and oxygen which has an electronegativity difference of 1 0 Because of that Deet works the same way most non polar compounds do and interact with other compounds the same way most non polar molecules would Deet is the active ingredient in many insect repellents It is used to repel many insects including but not limited to Mosquitoes biting flies gnats and chiggers From the above list of insects it mainly repels against mosquitoes Mosquitoes mainly female ones bite humans to use the proteins and iron found in the human blood to make their eggs When mosquitoes detect humans they usually don't do it visually Instead they detect humans using receptors in their nerve cells called cpA neurons to detect humans They detect humans using things like the carbon dioxide humans produce skin odor body heat and lactic acid The way 

Deet works is that it interferes with neurons and receptors on the mosquitoes antaenne and parts of its mouth giving it problems detecting a human being around it It is applied to the body as a liquid but then slowly vapourizers creating a barrier of Deet around a human being Because Deet is a nonpolar molecule it interacts with lipids of the cell membrane of chemosensory neurons in the mosquitoes blocking its sensors from detecting a human being nearby There are both many advantages and disadvantages to the use of insect repellents containing Deet One of the disadvantages of using insect repellent containing Deet is that it can damage some plastic and synthetic fabrics such as nylon and acetate That is because it will interact with non polar polymers in plastic and separate them when applied to materials containing non polar polymers because it is a non polar compound causing it to damage the material Also Deet is toxic to many types of cold water fish marine life as well as some types of birds compared to many other types of insect repellents it is quite safe for birds though The fact that Deet is problematic to some types of marine life in cold water is problematic though because Deet does not dissolve very well in water That is because Deet is mainly a non polar compound and because water is a polar solvent it could mainly only dissolve polar compounds or ionic compounds so it can t really dissolve Deet because of that The fact that Deet is insoluble in water and the fact that some cold water marine life is toxicated by Deet is problematic because if someone were to dispose of Deet in a body of water were these fish live it could kill them

When Deet is applied to the human skin up to 56 of it is absorbed by the skin and 17 of it is absorbed into the blood stream This is because it interreacts with the fats lipids in the skin letting it go through the surface of the skin into our bodies While such a small amount of Deet isn t much of a problem this could possibly be problematic for some people Deet also cause hives or mild skin redness and irritation in some people These problems are usually mild and can go away when the Deet is washed off the skin It can cause blistering burning and permanent scars when used in high concentrations over a long period of time If Deet is ever combusted it can produce toxic nitrogen dioxide flames There are also many advantages to using insect repellent that contains it The most dangerous animal on the planet are mosquitoes This is because they carry many diseases in them and carry them onto humans Some of these diseases can be fatal examples of the fatal disease include malaria a disease which symptoms include but not limited to high fever vomiting heavy sweating and death Symptoms of yellow fever include but are not limited to liver and kidney failure slow heart rate bleeding from different parts of the body and death Nearly 50 of the worlds population is at risk of getting malaria over 610 million people are at risk of getting yellow fever in Africa alone

Using insect repellents like Deet protects us from disease carrying insects Contrary to what was previously said about Deet it is generally safe to use and doesn t cause a major health concern in most people It is estimated that the amount of poisoning based seizures with a potential link to Deet exposure is 1 per 100 million uses which is quite low Deet lasts longer than most plant based repellents in repelling against insects such as mosquitoes which makes it quite an effective defense against mosquitoes and other biting stinging insects that mainly use their receptors to detect humans The advantages of Deet clearly outweigh the disadvantages of its usage because getting a disease from a mosquito is way worse than any of the disadvantages stated above about the use of Deet with the exception of the production of nitrogen dioxide fumes but that is only problematic if it is combusted As long as Deet is used in low concentrations disposed of properly not combusted and keep away from any material that it can dissolve it should be fine using Deet In conclusion Deet is an active ingredient in many insect repellents that has its advantages and disadvantages but in general it's a pretty safe and good compound to use

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