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Over the years there has been a marked difference between the interconnection of globalisation and mega events The debate has focused on its economic social and political impacts on capitalist societies Internationally the strategies of sports led events or mega events on cities have been centred on infrastructural development of sport stadiums and teams Globalisation as a transformational phenomenon has been significant since the development of sporting activities Giddens 2001 articulates that internationalisation is the major driving force for world societies when weighed on an economic social and political scale This suggests that globalisation within the event industry is of no exception to his views because of its impact on mega events Sports as a mega event is extremely sought after in many cities and its impact have been predominant to the upward shove of most political activities around the globe Horne 2007 Moreover governmental bodies are often ready to award large funding for the purpose of regenerating facilities that can attract major events to their cities Dwyer et al 2005 recognises that globalisation does not only enable economic growth but also has other seeming benefits through mega events Based on their assumptions these benefits include enhancing the image of a city through networking and civic pride 

Therefore making it more necessary for government establishments to make negotiations for such subsidised events to take place Roche 2000 believed that sports events and competitions were set up in line with the concept of globalisation in order to facilitate sports culture internationally For instance he believes that sport events such as the Olympics and FIFA World cup provides the resources for reflecting upon the cultural identity of an urban environment In order to determine its social significance globalisation provides the atmosphere for the successfully construction of an empowering environment that diminishes the potentials of threatened societies In addition Tomlinson and Young 2005 argues that mega events are central to globalisation and further explains the importance of sports in demonstrating the economic social and political impact on mega sport events With reference to significance of globalisation on mega events such as the FIFA world cups olympics and paralympics games this paper seeks to critically evaluate the phenomenon of globalisation through mega events while drawing on major sport events to justify its economic social and political impact on modern societies

The first part of this essay will discuss globalisation and the development of mega sports events Then will provide highlights of some of the impacts on modern societies using examples from previous mega sport events Finally this essay ends with a conclusion Globalisation and Mega Sport Events The phenomenon of globalisation according to Robertson 1992 was interpreted as the consolidation of the world at large into an entire space He further elucidates that globalisation is the intensification of consciousness around the world which has become a global society In recent times several literatures on globalisation have identified key factors that play a dominant role in increasing the drive towards a globalised society Teeple 2000 Wolf 2004 These key factors include the advancement of technology emergence and growth of transnational corporations increased trade relations amongst countries and the acceptance of neoliberal economies In addition globalisation has impacted upon these elements based on an economic social and political sphere within different sectors With reference to the political factors on globalisation researchers such as Martel 2010 Ritzer 2007 argues that the deterioration of nation states and International governance has occurred as a result of globalisation For Giulianotti and Robertson 2007 sports has not been disregarded from the ongoing debates of globalisation and its application through mega events They further suggest that these phenomena can be applied within the economic social and political to understand its contributions 

The development of sports within the event sector has experienced massive growth due to the Internationalisation of mega sport events Ferdinand and Wesner 2012 To further illustrate their views Miller et al 2001 specified that globalisation through sponsorship and sport events is the most recognised culture that has attracted media presence and spectators globally Mega events according to Roche 2000 can be seen as a large cultural event that has embraced global significance To him this means that sport games have become positive externalities on the host country and contributes to media coverage Roberts 2004 highlights that sports has only been visible through technology based on the ability of the media to fascinate billions of individuals through the internet and television For example the reports of the Athens Olympics held in 2004 revealed that the cumulative television viewers predictable was about 40 billion Over 36 000 hours were dedicated for facilitating media coverage for audiences in more than 200 countries Roberts 2004 Moreover notwithstanding the decisions of the Olympics game programme committee in 2005 to minimise the number of Olympics sports from 28 to 26 games during the London 2012 mega sport events like the Olympics has experienced growth since the last 10 20years Horne and Manzenreiter 2006 In addition Horne 2007 stated that the increasing growth and expansion of mega event as related to sports has been due to the establishment of commercial alliances He claims that this business partnership was achieved through the Tripartite rights to sponsorship

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