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The Impaired Nurse

The Impaired Nurse When you think about nurses you think a person who caring for patient and saving them but you don t think a nurse would have a problem with drugs or any other substances A nurse can have many reasons to resort to substances abuse since nursing is one of the most stressful job Some nurses don't have how to handle their stress so there are some people that resort to substance abuse to help them ease the stress Risk to Patients Impaired Nurses are one of the biggest risk to patients due to being to hide the signs that they are under the influence of a substances ranging from drugs alcohol or any other substance The issue is being able to figure out a nurse is under the influence since they can hide it so well from everyone surround them from fellow nurses to patients Addictions of any kind for example drugs alcohol nicotine gambling and eating disorders can result in cost to individuals families patients and overall the society in the hospital Impaired nurses are a challenging and complex issue for the nursing profession Since the signs are sometimes missed due to not being a to recognize the warnings Most of the time a nurse a concerned and preoccupied with their own responsibilities and duties that it's hard to see that a fellow nurse might need help 

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In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain the author uses multiples of satirical techniques through the various characters to humorously criticize the seriousness of the problem that the American society had faced Most of the satires that the author included was related to education slavery and religion Heavy topics like slavery and others may not be comfortable for the readers but the author involved these issues into the novel to appeal how important these follies and flaws are affecting our society His use of humorous criticism may not only entertain the readers but also approach to the readers politically to display the cruelty of American society He applies several satirical techniques into the novel hopes to bring positive changes and influences in people s perspectives on stereotypical subjects Twain uses satire in many different topics but his satirical techniques on slavery appears earlier than most of the others When Huck asks Jim about his father s return he says What I wanted to know was what he was going to do and was he going to stay but he says sometimes it accept without money I said it was a bad money but maybe the hairball will take it because maybe it wouldn t know the difference Twain Ch 4

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