Essay Example on Discipline and Child Abuse Most parents struggle with how to discipline their Children









Persuasive Essay Discipline and Child Abuse Most parents struggle with how to discipline their children it is the number one cause of most parents arguments Cliff Parents ask themselves how do they give their children an effective consequence without damaging their mental or physical state Parents normally do not want to harm their children but they want their kids to obey and respect them Although parents often use common types of discipline such as spanking criticizing and isolation these can become an act of anger which is one step away from child abuse Spanking is a form of discipline that some parents believe is the most beneficial In fact in 2012 70 of parents believed a good hard spanking Perry is what teaches a child to behave However according to Susan Perry Spanking is not only ineffective at improving children s behavior it makes them more likely to defy their parents Spanking does not help the child obey the parents in fact it makes them more likely to disobey Studies have shown that children who were spanked tend to be more aggressive antisocial with lower self esteem and cognitive abilities as well as having more mental health problems they also have the tendency to be abusive in future relationships Not only does spanking harm kids it has no positive effects In realization of these studies 50 countries have banned spanking however the U S has not Spanking Every parent has felt frustrated at their kids it seems as though the child knows exactly how to make the parent mad 

A normal parental response is to yell and criticize the child Studies have shown that yelling at your child does not help and there are more beneficial ways to deal with a disobedient child Some of the repercussions of yelling at your child is it causes them to fear the parents and not trust them Yelling can also make a child yell and believe that is the proper way to act in situations because they follow suit of what their role model does Children rely on their parents for learning If anger and associated aggression like shouting is part of what a child perceives as normal in their family their behavior will reflect that Ginta Shouting at a child does not make them listen more intently in fact it makes them tune out what the parent is saying and become more disobedient Research upon the long term effects of kids being raised by yelling parents has proven that it causes the children to be more aggressive both physically and verbally in the long term Yelling also causes the child to feel unsafe insecure scared and unaccepted Yelling mixed with verbal put downs and insults can be considered emotional or verbal abuse according to Daniela Ginta The long term effects of emotional and verbal abuse are anxiety low self esteem and increased aggression and vulnerability to bullying since their understanding of healthy boundaries and self respect are altered Ginta Another common discipline technique is grounding and taking a child s electronics away Unfortunately this is not the most effective way to discipline a child Grounding doesn t help a child in fact it makes them more defiant and ruins the communication and trust between a child and their parents 10 Reasons When a child is ungrounded they tend to make up for lost time and do things they normally wouldn t have done before grounding Children also feel isolated and like no one is there to hear or support them This is not determined as child abuse however it is still not the best option for disciplining a child The common ways parents discipline their children are unhelpful and inefficient Spanking and yelling at children are abusive techniques and have unacceptable results There are more beneficial ways to discipline children 

For example sitting with them and having a conversation based on trust without yelling or judgement The child must feel welcome and heard that is the only way the family can move forward without harming the child either physically or mentally Parents do not always realize the effect of discipline upon their children However they need to find a better alternative to not abuse them or harm them in anyway Some examples are discussing consequences of disobeying instead of yelling at them or hitting them Maybe there will be no TV tonight in response to a child disobeying Consequences should be short and there should be a thorough explanation as to why there is a consequence that way the child can understand what is happening and why and how to prevent it Sources Ginta Daniela Yelling at Kids Long Term Effects Healthline Healthline Media 23 Mar 2016 www healthline com health parenting yelling at kids MailOnline Martha Cliff for Giving into Toddler Tantrums Children Sleeping in the Bed and NOT Following through on Threats The Ten Things Parents Are Most Likely to Fight about Revealed Daily Mail Online Associated Newspapers 31 Mar 2015 www dailymail co uk femail article 3017993 Giving toddler tantrums children sleeping bed NOT following threats ten things parents likely fight revealed html Perry Susan Spanking Worsens Children's Behavior and is Linked to Long Term MinnPost com 02 May 2016 SIRS Issues Researcher https sks sirs com Spanking can lead to relationship violence study says CNN Wire 5 Dec 2017 Opposing Viewpoints in Context http link galegroup com apps doc A517545647 OVIC u kcls xid 499fc859 Accessed 8 Jan 2018 10 Reasons Grounding Your Child is Not Working Full Time Nanny 20 Nov 2012 www fulltimenanny com blog 10 reasons grounding your child is not working

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