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CHAPTER 1 ASSIGNMENT I Multiple choice 1 D 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 A 6 A 7 C 8 A 9 B 10 B 11 C 12 A 13 B 14 C 15 C II Short Response 16 Discuss the importance of managerial ethics in the workplace It is inevitable that managerial ethics is crucial in an organization as well as a company This kind of conducts could be considered as a moral compass to guide the leader or the manager through many complex dilemmas During time of fundamental change this is even more vital that managers should respect and treat their subordinates as mature responsible human beings Lack of managerial ethics will lead to disorder and dissatisfaction in the workplace which will also cause lost of productivity and bring short term success only On the other hand a manager following management ethics will foster company s productivity bring good public image in the workplace and enhance accountability and transparency when making business decisions 17 Explain how accountability operates in the relationship between a A manager and her subordinates b The same manager and her boss The manager s subordinates have the responsibility to answer and report to her for their individual performance Conversely the manager is accountable to her boss for her work s result and output She must also answer and report to her boss 18 Explain how the glass ceiling effect may disadvantage newly hired African American college graduates in a large corporation Every companies and organizations have a hierarchical system which means any individuals must have the responsibility to answer and follow their bosses However step by step any individuals can obtain a higher position by proving their skills and abilities 

But due to glass ceiling effect an intangible limitation within this system will prevent women and minorities from achieving upper level appointment Similarly with newly hired African American graduates because of discrimination and impact of glass ceiling effect on firm s managers they will not give those candidates opportunities to obtain a higher position even if they have the capabilities to achieve it This is a invisible barrier between them and advanced positions in a large corporation 19 What is globalization and what are its implications for working in the new economy As I understand Globalization means that all countries and people all over the world connect with each other via the internet or social networks besides the development of technology and new policies make every nations and business firms interconnect transfer resources without boundaries and border These international connections obviously will have huge impacts on everyone in the modern economy People will working with others in different countries and also purchase products and services in the whole part of the world That means we will create a more efficient market where profits and goods even works can be shifted or outsourced Another impact is the increasing in competition between firms and countries with more and more competitors nowadays each firms have to enhance their goods and services s quality as well as create new value for customers

However the wealth equality can be unfair with some individuals in underdeveloped and developing countries leading to more conflicts between nations in an international way ESSAY 20 One thing that always make me feel excited about management is that this is not simply a job or a position but a process of practical exercises It is obvious that technical skills and experiences are important and I would feel confident in this respect However there is a long way with a lot of obstacles and skills which I have to learn and absorb especially in this pressure and intensity of work load Firstly a good manager have to master HRM skill Human Resources Management or Human Skills in short Due to the diversity in my team with different demographic and cultural backgrounds there is a huge gap in employee relations that I must totally cover Human skills include emotional intelligence this kind of ability is essential when dealing with conflicts in the workplace and when interacting with my team A good manager must know how to engage his team members and employees cause employee engagement is the core factor to increase productivity I have the leadership responsibility to inspire motivate and utilize each individual's abilities in order to develop the team in a more efficient and positive way Secondly Working in this pressure also challenges my competencies due to intensive workload I will be confronted with working pressure as well as managerial difficulties

All these challenges do not remain isolated but become incorporated in an organized conceptual framework It required my improvement in every aspects in terms of personal development such as my technical skills in auditing as well as the conceptual skills Furthermore with a diverse team which members have different backgrounds and skills the analytical skills will be challenged that means I have to put it into a whole new level that can be suitable in this manager appointment This is an obstacle but also an opportunity to enhance my value All in all This position is a challenge but it can be a chance to embrace so that a better working environment will be created in our company where every team member s value is respected Eventually this manager position requires the comprehension with the differences and the diversity of my team as well as my personal skills my duty is to solve all these obstacles and engage them to maximize productivity of our projects

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