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Introduction to the African Union

Introduction to the African Union The African Union is a regional organization committed to facilitating pan continental integration The Constitutive Act of the African Union was adopted at Lome Togo on July 11 2000 and entered into force in 2001 Today the AU consists of 55 member states with Monaco rejoining the organization after 33 years Chaired by Alpha Conde the President of Guinea the Assembly of the African Union is the highest decision making organ in the African Union and consists of the heads of state of AU member states Image The African Union Conference Center and office complex in Addis Ababa Ethiopia built with Chinese assistance Official Bodies The Peace and Security Council PSC was proposed at the Lusaka Summit in 2001 and established in 2004 It is the standing organ of the AU for the prevention management and resolution of conflicts It forms the foundation of the African Peace and Security Architecture APSA which is the umbrella term for the main AU mechanisms for promoting peace security and stability in Africa The PSC was established to promote collective security within the African Union and serve as an early warning system to isolate conflict and crisis situations while facilitating swift and efficient responses Located at Midrand South Africa the Pan African Parliament is the highest legislative body of the AU consisting of 265 elected representatives from the AU s 55 member states It is meant to enhance civil political participation in the process of democratic governance

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