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Do you use Google Do you eat at McDonalds or Starbucks Do you wear Nike or Adidas All these companies are monopolies If you re saying that you are against greed and you do all these things then you are really not against it This is saying that you are actually supporting the fact that greed is good A key word that is related to greed is want People always want things that they might not even need Another word that can be related to greed is enough Even the most richest people in the world are never satisfied with what they have They always want more Greed is not good because unregulated capitalism had a negative impact on living conditions One reason why unregulated capitalism had a negative impact on living conditions was because monopolist took money from their workers to fund industries A monopolist is someone that is included in a monopoly A monopoly is owning the whole market Capitalism is the right to privately own and profit off of a business

The money you make at a business is called a profit Trusts are having investment in other companies Robber barons are people who take money from the community in a negative way All these words are what impacted living conditions during the Industrial Age in the 19th century in a negative manner Therefore greed is not good Although there are negative aspects of greed there are also positive aspects too Corporations lost trusts against each other Corporations lost trusts in each other due to monopolist and unregulated capitalism For instance Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie explained in the article Wealth that problems of wealth inequality in the late 19th century can be solved but needs to be figured out as to how it can be solved For those who agree that greed is good and that it has positive aspects it is because they want money and power For example think about the game monopoly The whole point of the game is to try and buy the most properties to make a market and build houses and hotels to put on your market so that when other players land on your property they have to pay you a certain amount of money Depending on how much money that person owes you they may go bankrupt Once you go bankrupt you have lost the game Therefore even though greed has some positive impacts on living conditions greed still has more negative aspects Greed is not good because it had negative aspects towards political conditions in the 19th century

The political cartoon The Bosses of the Senate Puck illustrated by Joseph Keppler says Political cartoon depicting corruption in the United States Senate This means that there was dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power in the United States Senate In the picture there are very big men with trusts on their bellies walking through a door that says Entrance for Monopolists and then there are tiny people which are part of the Senate These monopolists are being compared to the Senate because the monopolists are greater in size then the Senate This means that they have more power against the smaller people who don't have so much power As a result greed had a negative impact on political conditions and that monopolists were a big problem in the 19th century Greed had a negative impact on economic conditions during industrialization in the Gilded Ages

because According to the Evolution of the Robber Baron New York Times December 7 1902 letter it explains how robber barons monopolists are evolving Robber barons are evolving because they are taking money from the community The original robber barons made their workers work hard for their money but then ended up taking their Selfish greedy and a thief are three words that robber barons can be described as Robber barons of the 14th and 15th centuries are similar to those of earlier times because they preyed on the poor that had to come together again In addition the main cause of negative impacts on economic conditions of industrialization in the Gilded Age were because of the robber barons Some positive aspects of monopolistic gain in today's society are getting money and more consumers customers because of how many people like your product and how good reliable your product is For example since Starbucks is inaugurating a monopoly there is a probability that they can put other companies out of business such as Dunkin Donuts As Starbucks gains more property the chances of people buying their products will start to rise Modern robber barons have evolved because they are starting to get bigger and take more money

Whenever you get a new pair of expensive shoes clothing jewelry or buy food from monopolistic places think about how much money you are giving them and how much more powerful you are making them A quote that might make you think more deeply about greed is You cannot expect loyalty from people who would do anything for money Wanting something is totally different from needing something The necessities are what people need to look at first For many people in the world something is never enough That person will always want more That is why our society is divided into three social classes the lower class the middle class and the rich class In the end make wise choices and think about what other people have and what you have because someone might want something that you have and you might want something that someone else has That being said greed is not good

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