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Does technology shape or break us as a society Technology has reshaped our society throughout history and is continuing to do so till this day in every aspect to make life more convenient for us Technology has advanced all sectors whether it be medicine education entertainment or the standards of living Technology has increased our ability to learn achieve and succeed It has given both the educated and illiterate equal opportunities to use their maximum potential Technology has boosted many industries allowing businesses to grow creating more employment opportunities Advancements in technology have led to the evolution of newer and faster ways of transport and communication However rapid evolution of digital technologies is not only creating new opportunities for our society but challenges for us as well As our dependency on technology increases the physical need for humans and books slowly decreases Most public schools have adapted to this change and have begun to incorporate technology in their learning system From elementary to high school teachers assign work to students through applications such as Pupilpath Remind A Z learning etc In fact some schools have also replaced composition books with tablets As students depend more and more on google the less likely they are to actually utilize their skills Tablets have made it easier for students to search up answers of their work While that might sound appealing to students it s actually a huge disadvantage for them This leads to the lack of many areas such as their writing skills social skills social bonds and attention span However as long as it s used in moderation technology can have a greater positive impact than negative

Students might find it helpful to have applications such as youtube or khan academy which allow them to review or understand a concept they learned in class When mobile technology is available and used correctly in the classroom students are able to access the most updated information quicker and easier than ever before Assimilating technology into the classroom is an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles Technology has introduced a new design into the world of software engineering that has left the world in a slight depression People have been replaced with robots from kiosks to self driving cars According to an article on brookings There are driverless cars in California Washington and Texas Amazon now has around 15 000 robots who work along its 50 000 humans Japan leads the way in use of industrial robots with over 306 000 robots in use compared to 237 000 in North America 182 000 in China and 175 000 in South Korea and Germany each Robots are quicker and less expensive than having to pay a worker to do the task They are also more sophisticated and can easily perform complex tasks This is what puts laborers in risk though because it costs less and is more effective robots are easily replacing people However this invention of technology can benefit humans in some ways too Robots can preform tasks in poor working conditions without being as affected compared to a living being While robots are replacing the jobs of laborers they are offering better job opportunities for those who were once on production lines with programming 

The demand for engineers and mathematicians would increase tremendously with the addition of robots With this additions comes the addition of new robot related jobs such as robot trainers and robot psychologists There are endless possibilities for the future and as a bonus these robots will help keep the U S competitive Technology has been the prime reason for isolation in current society especially with younger aged children It has proven to be the reason for loneliness It s quite ironic when you have the world at your fingertips but the more you use technology to communicate the lonelier you are likely to be That s according to a recent survey conducted by Relationships Australia a community based support services organization Forty two per cent of Australians who used an average of four methods of technology to communicate such as email SMS Facebook Twitter were lonely compared with 11 per cent of people who used only one says Sue Miller a manager at Relationships Australia Queensland However this argument can be invalidated as that kind of information might be biased on each individual Some people are more anti social than others Technology can connect us in several ways Nowadays people of all races and genders can communicate in the blink of an eye when it took several weeks to process that same message in the last few centuries 

Social media has a powerful impact on all members of society from children to seniors as many of us have at least one form of social media Social media has been used in politics current events marketing from all over the world You can easily view the latest news updates back home while you re sitting in new york with just a few taps on your device It can easily connect us to family allowing us to virtually see their faces on our screens despite the thousands of miles between us As with most things in life there are positive and negative sides to the use of technology It can cause problems in some cases such as disrupting the traditional education system replacing labor workers introducing loneliness and depression However if used in moderation technology is a wonderful asset to society It can help bring out true potential of students despite their learning capabilities It can bring forth better job opportunities those that require intellect and interest rather than manual labor It can boost economic growth with all the profits made in fast food chains Technology allows for speedy and convenient connections Most importantly it can unite the world as a single society despite our racial or ethical differences

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