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Essay During the time between Civil War and the Reconstruction period new sets of significant challenges were introduced Multiple events have contributed to constitutional and social changes leading to the rise of a revolution Some factors of constitutional changes were the succession of confederate states Lincoln s Emancipation Proclamation and the Reconstruction Amendments Some social changes that questioned the effectiveness of the revolution includes the Ku Klux Klan the Black Codes and the Freedmen Bureau The revolution was able to make some great changes but also brought up unnecessary conflicts One of the major conflict that lead to the Civil War was the secession of confederate states which is also a constitutional development 

During the time period pro slavery southerners wanted every state to own slaves because they depended on these free laborers for their plantations and agrarian society The North was against slavery and believed in their industrial society After the election of Abraham Lincoln some southern states were convinced that President Lincoln would end slavery and lead to some rebellions Rebellions include the South Carolina Secession of 1860 The government which was controlled by the North did not allow states to leave the Union because they claim that it was the people who found the Union not the State South Carolina ignores them and continues to secede because they believe that seceding will protect their rights to have slaves and maintain the plantations in which their economy depends on Doc A As stated in the Tenth Amendment since any power that is not given to the government is given to the states or the people South Carolina decides to secede to fought for its devotion to state sovereignty However secession was a failure because the Union won the Civil War it increased power over the federal government and declared to end slavery and strip southern states powers During the Civil War the fight with the South was really expensive and the tariff acts did not aid the financial problem at all 

This is when Senator John Sherman decided to make some constitutional changes and promotes the idea of having the country to be more national eliminating state and private currency Doc B Senator Sherman specifically focused on a uniformed currency system and introduced the National Bank Act of 1863 1864 Congress passed the act to help resolve financial crisis from the Civil War and establish a new national currency Black people and their effort in helping the Union fight in the Civil War have made several social changes in society Before the war Congress agreed with the fact of having slavery but the aftermath of the war changed their viewpoints Congressmen had believed that slavery should be abolished Doc D In 1865 Congress passed Lincoln s 13th amendment which legally and formally abolished slavery in the United States Although slavery have been freed blacks were expected to fight for their country but were still denied rights to vote Doc C The Freedmen s Bureau was supposed to give Homestead to freed slaves but they didn t Instead the government restored land and property to the whites and didn t allow freedmen to own land forcing them to work on former plantations Doc E These actions are part of the Black Codes law passed by the Southern States in 1865 Questioning the effectiveness of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th amendment although freedom was granted to the former slaves the Black Codes still restricted African Americans freedom and compelled them to work in a labor economy which provided low wages This situation is the same even before the war when African Americans had to work for the white owners at a little to no wage Having a revolution means having a complete change During the Reconstruction period although some freed African Americans were not permitted for voting many Blacks were able to cast a vote Doc G The U S ratified the 15th amendment and allowed all Black males to vote In order to vote you have to be a citizen

Therefore the Civil Rights Act of 1866 declared that everyone born in the United States no matter what race or color are citizens Senator Morrill believes that this act was a civil and political revolutionary change because it was able to go outlaw past slave acts and allow freed slaves to become citizens Majority of the constitutional changes resulted in a positive way however certain organization groups arose questions regarding the effectiveness of the reconstruction period The Ku Klux Klan was organized to oppose Reconstruction and to maintain white supremacy They were attacking in the South going against blacks Conditions were worse than slavery Doc I Blacks were helpless victims who had to go through terrorist activities such as lynching hanging and arson Through fear and murder the KKK started the counter revolution and inflamed the Jim Crow Law This law enforced racial segregation and discrimination against colored people in the end of Reconstruction Era This shows an ineffective way of reconstruction because it brought back unequal treatments to black people Between 1860 and 1877 many great social and constitutional changes established a new form of live Blanks were finally able to become citizens and cast their votes and federal government was able to expand to a more nationalized government However it did provoked the terrorist movements of the Ku Klux Khan and caused whites to discriminate against black people These changes were able to be both influential and ineffective in the American way of life

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