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40 Advantages of Public Education

40 Advantages of Public Education 41 Public education is a forgotten path these days as many families are indulging other education options such as homeschooling and private schools However public schools still serve a significant role in preparing the next generation of world leaders 42 The cost of a public education is affordable During the tabling of Budget 2012 the Prime Minister declared that school fees for primary and secondary education in Malaysia will be removed Besides Malaysian students from public school can actually get textbooks for free every year This strategy is another channel of aid from the Government which has been developed beginning in 2008 to include all Malaysian residents Public schools provide access to an education for every child in a community This ensures that every student has the same educational opportunities as other regardless of their current personal or financial situation 43 Moreover those who attend public schools are more likely to be in classrooms with other children that do not think act or look exactly like them In a government school your child will blend in and learn the culture of fellow friends Chinese Indians and Malays The diversity of the student can be an important learning experience for itself 44 Public schools especially in Malaysia are conveniently located for most people 

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Malaysian secondary Education System Study

This chapter briefly introduces the background of the study After that it moves forward to discuss the problem statement of the study where it aims to fill the gap on the influencing factor of vocabulary size towards students performance in language assessment This chapter is then followed by the research objectives and questions and the significance of study 1 2 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This section will describe the educational setting of where the current research took place by first briefly introduce the Malaysian secondary education system English language in Malaysian education system few explanations regarding MARA education system and lastly the context of the research problem 1 2 1 English Language in Malaysian Education System English has long been recognized as an official second language in Malaysia Edwards 1989 Gill 2005 In Malaysia secondary education system students from all levels of education are required to learn English as one of their main subjects at school In order to strengthen this second language to the Malaysian few policies in were implemented by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia Dual Lingual Programme DLP is the most current policy implemented since 2014 This policy put equal emphasis on both languages Bahasa Malaysia and English and the educational institutions in Malaysia have the options to use which language either Bahasa Malaysia or English or both as the medium of instruction Malaysian Ministry of Education 2013

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