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I chose nursing as my Profession

I chose nursing as my profession because I truly believe that the desire to help people through nursing is a calling and I feel drawn toward helping those in need Nursing is an honorable career and should not be treated as just a job to earn a paycheck My mission is to proudly provide nonjudgmental care to those in need regardless of race spiritual beliefs lifestyle choices financial status or disability My philosophy is that nurses have a responsibility to the public to provide safe holistic patient centered care I must remember that my patients are not room numbers or medical conditions but individuals that require and deserve individualized attention and care Nurses should use clinical judgment to help meet the needs of the patient As advocates we should empower patients by encouraging them to become active partners in their own care and engage in mutual goal setting between ourselves and the patient Nurses should maintain patient confidentiality except when we have a duty to report as mandated by law We must educate patients and their families on diseases treatments and healthy behaviors in order to improve their outcomes 

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