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The years spent in college are arguably the most important years

Most students will agree that their years spent in college are arguably the most important years of their lives ultimately shaping their futures All in all it is near impossible to determine what aspects of college life will reap the most reward in the long run Are aptitude tests relevant Is having a high GPA important Will commendable performance at college automatically translate into a prosperous future Or are there other weighty components influencing ability to become well off Indeed education develops the intellectual abilities of a person Human beings possess a lot of potential abilities that can be enhanced through education and only proper education can pave the way and lead human beings to virtue Khostinat 2009 Education plays a central role in preparing individuals to enter the labour force as well as equipping them with the skills to engage in lifelong learning experiences Educational attainment therefore raises one s income Psacharopoulos 1993 More specific to a person s education however is their individual performance in various tests whether those be during their time in college or external aptitude tests like SATs and PIATs An individual s performance has a vast importance in policy making due to the necessity for efficient and multifarious labour forces 

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