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The CEO of Blue Cloud Development

The CEO of Blue Cloud Development a small software development company located in Mountain View California Shel Skinner attended a conference on a new methodology for software development called Agile Agile is a software that aimed at multiple interactions and short time frames Shel Skinner was so impressed that he immediately hired consultants to introduce Agile to his Blue Cloud Development Company Blue Cloud Development traditionally had a development cycle whose review and verification would be done after one year According to Shel Skinner there was no need to wait for a whole year to find out whether a product works whereas Agile is offering a software whose emphasis is teamwork collaboration and monthly releases True to Shel Skinner s observations Agile had very good attributes such as the emphasis on teamwork collaboration and monthly releases cross functional consultations to carry everybody along and sort out issues as they arise Agile as a software is aimed at softening methodologies previously in use punctuated by heavy processes After implementation and evaluation it was clear that Agile software did not achieve the intended objectives Therefore where did Shel Skinner go wrong 

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