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TOUCH POINT THROUGH POINT OF SALE INTERACTIONS 350 American Public University System Touch point through point of sale POS interactions enables customers to easily provide information about themselves without feeling violated The information gathered is then used for marketing merchandising activities and to accurately identify customers and the types of products they buy The data collected at point of sale interactions are also used to increase customer satisfaction through the development of in store services and customer recognition promotions When customers uses a self service kiosk the experience is different is different form the ones used at grocery stores or in retail stores In the restaurant setting customers may access this digital technology at each table side kiosks and many kiosks may provide the convenience of separating checks for customers The POS kiosks offer a computer screen where customers can directly key in his or her orders into the kiosks This seems to be the technology of the future For example Image the servers in your restaurant taking orders at the table on an IPAD that sends the order to the kitchen in real time and checking customers out at the table instead of having to walk the credit card to be processor Ebrahimi 2015 The convenience of customers being able to complete all their transactions at their table has speed up service not only for customers but for restaurants 

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